Lilley v. Lilley

After being embarrassed by their own documents reporting on hospitality expenses for the last few days, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are saying it was all a clerical error.
–Brian Lilley, CFRA Radio loudmouth and host of Youtube slumber party  Between Brian and Dave, May 23, 2018.

We need to apologize.
We made a mistake when setting up your subscription [to Between Brian and Dave]. Seems there was a mistake and you have been billed in American dollars and not Canadian. So when you see your credit card bill it will say more than we promised you.
Don’t worry though, we will be fixing this.
We are working with our video supplier and payment processor to fix this problem and issue you a refund for the difference.
–Letter to subscribers from Lilley and co-host Dave Howard, June 10, 2018.


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One comment on “Lilley v. Lilley
  1. snowden says:

    hahahaha more please.

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