Price Check On Body Armour, Ontario!

Thank yer preposterous stars, Johnny Liberal, that there’s an uptick of mental illness under Conservative governments. Our side knows how to handle it: let the cops sort it out!

Obviously the high-brow idiots that are sayin’ less guns would mean less gun violence think violence is the problem, not the solution.

Look, I hate to see maniacs havin’ the run of the city as much as the next legionnaire. Which is why I support Dougie’s plan to slash the number of Toronto city councilors in half.

Sorry; there I go flittin’ from one good news story to another like a giddy military school girl!

Ya gotta admit, this Ontario government is shapin’ up to be one for the ages. That would be 65 and over.

He’s cancelin’ elections, schoolin’ Patrick Brown (no sex ed needed there if ya get my drift), an’ turnin’ the boomin’ trade in Mary Jane over to the private sector where it belongs.

It’s hard to know if I’m keepin’ current or in the grips of a sweet fever dream.

Anyhow, about the so-called gun problem. We probably agree it’s the illegal guns what are causin’ all the ruckus. Well, Mr Trudeau could fix that with the stroke of a pen, an’ just make ’em all legal.

What, ya don’t think it’s that easy? Well look for two seconds at how Dougie Ford’s runnin’ Ontario and maybe you’ll agree with me that you should keep your mouth shut.

Of course it’s important to keep the guns outta the hands of the thugs and super predators. I hope I don’t have to spell it out for ya.

Ideally, how we go about doin’ that is up to each of us normal Ontarioans.

Nobody likes to see citizen spot checks and random friskin’, especially when it goes viral on the Youtubes, but these are the times we live in.

Happy, excitin’ times!

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