“Today, [Alex Jones is] just a rumour. He’s being un-personed. Maybe that will happen to me one day.”

My brain went to Disney World (and didn’t come back)
[Councillor Paula] Fletcher, a little more articulate, also blamed the “terrifying night on the Danforth” on the lack of gun control. “I know we always say it can’t happen here when we see those gunmen in the States doing the same thing, but it has happened here now,” she said. Note to Mrs. Fletcher: I am down in Florida regularly and it isn’t happening there, contrary to your pitiful point of view. It’s happening here!
—Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, July 23, 2018.

Between June 12, 2016, to now, the state of Florida has experienced a total of 51 mass shootings. Of those incidents, 118 have died and 280 were injured.
—Colin Wolf, orlandoweekly.com, June 12, 2018.

Best part about being self-appointed spokesperson for the Silent Majority? Even when you’re talking shit, they don’t say anything
This city is in crisis, whether the left who attacked me incessantly on Twitter Monday for allegedly fomenting hate in this city, or the mayor or city councillors choose to deny it. I know, and I’m sure the silent majority know [sic] why the city has reached this point of near no return.
—Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, July 23, 2018.

How an unlikely alignment of junkies, homeless people and pinko politicians have made it easier for Black people to succeed in their traditional line of work
[John Tory] seems to care more about the drug-addicted and transients than law-abiding taxpaying citizens suffering from the lawlessness that has resulted from NDP hug-a-thug policies. …We have been forced to endure nine safe-injection sites and a whole host of respite shelters for transients…with no accountability from City Hall for the fallout…. The only message it sends is that Toronto is open for business of the criminal variety, with few consequences awaiting those who break the law. Add to that a process by the mayor, his council ideologues and a seemingly willing Police Chief Mark Saunders—who seem to be too happy to take direction from angry activist Desmond Cole and his Black Lives Matter pals—to render the front-line police virtually impotent in their efforts to fight serious crime…. Again, no consequences for criminal behaviour.

First one said something, then the other one did—literally?
A source told the Sun there were literally back-and-forth discussions between Mayor John Tory and Ford behind the scenes during council proceedings over the past few days.
—Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, July 28, 2018.

By “most,” of course, I mean “none,” but, as always, I am counting on the fact you live in a the Sun-Rebel-True North Initiative matrix and are dumber than a begonia
The world learned on Wednesday morning that the Islamic State took responsibility for the Danforth shooting that left two dead and 13 injured. Canadians could be forgiven, however, for not knowing that the deranged Islamist death cult claimed to have had a hand in the Toronto massacre. Most Canadian media outlets decided to ignore the news altogether.
—Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun, July 26, 2018.

ISIL claims responsibility for Toronto Danforth shooting, but police say there’s ‘no evidence’ at this stage
—National Post, July 25, 2018.

 No evidence the Islamic State behind Toronto Danforth shooting, Toronto police say
—Globe and Mail, July 25, 2018

‘No evidence’ to support claims that Daesh responsible for Danforth mass shooting, Toronto police chief says
—Toronto Star, July 25, 2018

No evidence linking ISIL to deadly Toronto shooting, police chief says …
—Vancouver Sun, July 25, 2018.

No evidence linking ISIL to Toronto shooting: police
—CityNews Toronto, July 25, 2018.

 Islamic State claims responsibility for Toronto mass shooting, yet provides no evidence
—global,ca, July 25, 2018.

ISIS claims responsibility for Toronto Danforth shooting rampage; police say there’s ‘no evidence’
—cbc.ca, July 25, 2018

Yes, it is
Other media outlets spun this story by quoting Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, who said “we have no evidence to support these claims”—a vague statement likely referring to an ISIS-directed attack, rather than an ISIS-inspired one. Saunders, however, went on to say “we will continue to explore every investigative avenue including those who knew Mr. Hussain, his online activity, and looking into his experiences with mental health.” In other words, Toronto police have not ruled out jihadist extremism as the motive, hence why Toronto police are reviewing “his online activity.” This is just the latest example of the Canadian media deliberately torquing this story.
—Malcolm, op. cit.

Me, I live in Palo Alto, Cal., so I don’t count
This, in a nutshell, is why public trust in the media is at an all time low. Journalists in this country are deliberately spinning the news. They have their own agenda and don’t want Canadians to know the truth—in this case, that police are still probing whether or not the shooter was indeed motivated by his Islamic faith.
—Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun, July 26, 2018.

[S]aid a statement issued by Toronto police chief Mark Saunders… “We will continue to explore every investigative avenue including interviewing those who knew Mr. Hussain, reviewing his online activity, and looking into his experiences with mental health”.
—Stewart Bell, globalnews.ca, July 25, 2018.

“We will continue to explore every investigative avenue including interviewing those who knew Mr. Hussain, reviewing his online activity and looking into his experiences with mental health,” Chief Saunders said.
—Molly Hayes, Globe and Mail, July 25, 2018.

As of today, Amarasingam said, there doesn’t seem to be any connection between Hussain and anybody from ISIS, but that could change. “It’s not to say, in a week’s time or a of couple days, they won’t find information on his phone or information on his computer that he was talking to someone in Syria, or talking to somebody in ISIS central, or talking to a supporter somewhere around the world.”
—Mark Gollom, cbc.ca, July 26, 2018.

Ahem, how about me? Purge me! Oh, please, please, purge me! I got kids in private school, I got bills to pay! Purge me!
Three months before U.S. midterms, Infowars purged from the internet. Who will be next?
—Commander Ezra Lügenpants, therebel.media, Aug. 7, 2018.

Infowars Official, the app named after Alex Jones’ controversial radio talk show, has become the fourth most popular news app in the United States that’s currently available in the iOS App Store… It was the 47th most popular just two days ago. The free app… streams live shows and written pieces from Jones and other conservative pundits…. An Android version of the app is available in the Google Play Store; there, it jumped from being the 31st most popular news app to the 11th.
—Shoshana Wodinsky, theverge.com, Aug 7, 2018.

Yeah, that bit he does about Sandy Hook being staged by actors really slays!
The massive independent news and opinion website Infowars was banned from most of the Internet yesterday. All at once. Facebook banned him. YouTube—even though he had millions of subscribers. Apple deleted every one of his podcasts, ever. Years of them. They didn’t tell him why. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Alex Jones. Perhaps you hate him or ridicule him. And that’s fine. But since when is that cause for someone to be un-personed? Here’s what I do know: Alex Jones is based in Texas. And like everything in Texas, he’s larger than life: Loud, funny, outrageous.
—Lügenpants, op. cit.

Then he certainly won’t mind spending 27 years in prison like Nelson Mandela, or, better still, starving himself to death like Bobby Sands
He’s a dissident. That’s what dissidents do—they raise the alarm.

A shmendrick can dream
Alex Jones was one of the biggest things on the Internet—until yesterday. Today, he’s just a rumour. He’s being un-personed. Maybe that will happen to me one day.

Speaking of zero tolerance…who you lookin’ at, stronzo?
Domestic violence has become, at this point of our societal awakening, a blight too far. Which unquestionably is a good thing, finally taking seriously the harm inflicted inside relationships and families. But “zero tolerance” is a bludgeon wherever it’s wielded and fundamentally at odds with justice as imparted in all Western courts…. I don’t know what [Roberto] Osuna did [but] it was a choice, however much provoked or unleashed amidst the red mist of fury. But what more do you want? Blood? A public lynching? The complete obliteration of a man’s life, so that he can never ply his trade again? Is that the vengeful retribution we’ve now come to, dressed up as moral condemnation? For a charge of simple assault? I’ve been charged with assault. I have no remorse. I wasn’t fired and I wasn’t traded…. Life is complicated. Human beings are imperfect. Zero tolerance is savage.
—Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, Aug. 2, 2018.

From Toronto, of all places? Who would have guessed?
I lived briefly in Toronto a few years ago, and it was a revealing experience. Suddenly, I understood where so many Canadian tropes came from.
—J.J. McCullough, Washington Post, Aug, 1, 2018.

We think you’ve answered your own question there
July is the best month. I spent some of it in Italy this year, with nothing to do but sit with my e-reader under a tree, shaded from the Mediterranean heat. (I hate paper books, I’ve decided in retrospect. They’re awkward and hard to read when you’re lying on your side in bed and they sit around like lumps for years after you’ve finished them, taking up space and disintegrating and making dust. I finally stopped pretending I’ll ever read mine again and threw most of them away.) In July, you can enjoy nothing. By which I mean nothing is a thing to enjoy. I can’t help wondering whether retirement is going to be a bore, or seem like one long July.
—Neil Macdonald. cbc.ca, July 31.2018.

Maybe she has a friend?
Two months ago, my bipolar wife of 12 years left me, because she “needed space.” Our marriage was very good, she’s been a great wife. I’ve since learned that she’s having an affair with a married man, since before the breakup. I’ve been crushed. She appears to be very different now (drinking, smoking, skimpy clothes, uninterested in our child) and very happy.
—“Ask Ellie,” Toronto Star, Aug. 4, 2018

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7 comments on ““Today, [Alex Jones is] just a rumour. He’s being un-personed. Maybe that will happen to me one day.”
  1. OJM says:

    I am an unabashed elitist from my Tilley Airflo hat to my Mephisto Cork Cushion sandals…Chamberfest pass in pocket, I haunt Ottawa’s streets, searching for new sources of edification and designer pizza…but a couple more self-satisfied missives from Neil Macdonald like this one (“…shaded from the Mediterranean heat”, “…can’t help wondering whether retirement is going to be a bore”…fuck me) and I’ll be joining Ford Nation in a flash.

  2. daveS says:

    Neil Macdonald goes on….
    ,,,”You also realize in July how much of the conventional news stream is irrelevant nonsense, or trash for voyeurs: pornographie des sentiments, to quote an Italian friend with whom I can only communicate in French.
    —She was talking about Facebook (which, like Twitter, I’ve decided is a time suck and have abandoned), but her point does apply more broadly, given the extent to which conventional and unconventional news websites, desperate to survive in a pitiless marketplace, now ape social media.
    —Perhaps it just becomes more obvious in July, though.

  3. Papadoc says:

    But, but…. based on his columns Macdonald is already retired, no?

  4. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    “No evidence” is no excuse for ignoring the islamic threat. As for Neil, he has to turn in a column & he has absolutely nothing to say so he writes about… July?

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