Thanos Nation!

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5 comments on “Thanos Nation!
  1. OJM says:

    How long will Elliot, Mulroney, Fedeli and the rest be willing to carry water for The Ham-Hock Who Would Be King? Shurely there comes a point where having your every move choreographed by some recycled Harperite Little Shit becomes too much to endure.

    • Patrick60 says:

      In this day and age, I’m not so sure. There never seems to be
      a crazed killer around when we really need one.

      • OJM says:

        Perhaps we should try mass elitist demonstrations. Imagine 100,000 multiple-degree-holders descending on Queen’s Park, lattes in hand, waving their Tilley hats in unison and chanting “One, two, three, four, Premier Ford’s an execrable boor”.

    • Serenitynow says:

      The man boy who has become king will not exercise any limits on his efforts to destroy the province into his liking – poor Renata doesnt stand a chance either …

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