Tory Inbreeding News: Kory Teneycke Corn-Cobbin’

As previously reported in the satirical press, Jenni Byrne played a major role in the dumbing down of the new/old sex-ed curriculum foisted on Ontario public schools this month.

Premier Doug’s Ilsa of the SS (principal secretary, shurely?!—ed.), had a newfound understanding of the subject matter via her hands-on seminars in sexuality with Vince Gasparro.

Jenni, Vince with local Buck-a-Beer salesman (l)

This non-connubial coupling might be the worst mental image of the year, but it does reveal the bipartisan flexibility of the participants: She, the dyspeptic hard-right scold; He, the leftish Liberal hack–onetime Paul Martin advisor, currently co-chair of John Tory’s mayoral re-election campaign. (New footnote to Gasparro’s resumé: Stickman sans fixed address, ever since his wife, Nicole, punted him from the matrimonial abode.)

Poor Jenni now stands accused of homewrecking,  a burden she shares with conservative sister-in-arms, Sara MacIntyre. (Jenni and Sara are both charm-challenged former spokesliars for President Steve.)


Sara’s charged with busting up the marriage of longtime Tory propagandist Kory Teneycke, who bolted from his Ottawa hearth and home during the Ontario election.

But MacIntyre may best be known as one of Globe & Mail TV critic John Doyle’s favourite television villains, after her performance as BC premier Christy Clark’s comms flunky in 2012:

“MacIntyre, all gum-chewing, hair-swinging, finger-wagging, mall-rat malice and attitude, expressed her utter contempt for the reporters and TV crews with aplomb. [U]tterly obnoxious…vexatious…deeply aggravating…new rogue termagant.”

Sara and Steve

MacIntyre left Team Clark soon after to become a Bikram Yoga instructor (“Is it hot in here or is it just you?”) A couple of years later, she landed a spot with the braintrust behind Kevin O’Leary’s failed CPC leadership bid.

These days she’s an “advisor” for a Toronto lobby weasel company and alt.right drivelist for Sun Media.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Teneycke aka Kelley Sherwood, an adjudicator with the Social Security Tribunal (salary range up to $110K—thank-you, President Steve), has purged her Facebook page of all traces of Kornkob Kory.

Pip, pip!

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5 comments on “Tory Inbreeding News: Kory Teneycke Corn-Cobbin’
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    In sex ed terms, think of it as on-the-job training.

  2. diggle says:

    Lotsa Fordnication.

  3. mmedesevigne says:

    Considering Jenni’s extraordinary role in flying the FedCons’ 2015 reelection attempt into the ground, how can she still have a job, let alone one for the Premier of Ontario. The guy would have to be a total idiot. Oh, wait …

  4. Submitted Comment says:

    Today’s Frank; Tory inbreeding, Mr. Ghomeshi’s neighborhood, Hate Boat, white female, big tits was the funniest/strongest FRANK in my estimation, ever. Brilliant across the range of satire. Congratulations!

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