Faith Goldy: Stormshine Girl

Poor Faith Goldy. The alt.right pin-up girl and novelty Toronto mayoralty candidate has been taking a terrible pasting in the gutter press this week.

First up: Canadaland’s endless excoriation, in which Goldy’s election campaign was described as a “descent into the darkest corners of the far right and an exercise in profound selfishness.”

Then came Denise Balkissoon of the Globe and Minion: “A manipulative monomaniac…unsavoury character…unseemly gnat…white supremacist…racist, etc.”

The Toronto Star piled on, as did the Hamilton Spec and assorted other upstanding media outlets.

But Faith still has her admirers. Take the old office gang at the Toronto Sun. Please.

Senior drivelist Lorrie Goldstein was quick out of the gate as Defender of the Faith, tweeting July 28, “The usual suspects are going crazy that some of my colleagues at the Sun tweeted @FaithGoldy is running for Toronto mayor without describing it as the end of days. I don’t agree with her views today but I worked with her at Sun Media and she was no Nazi. So scream at me, too.”

This week, the trash tab’s barking Tarek Fatah gave Goldy some precious ink to register her opposition to the burning issue of bare-chested Muslims acting weird in public:

“For many years now, a medieval ritual is being enacted by Muslims on the streets of Canada…This year, the self-flagellation ritual reached a point when last Sunday hundreds of young men took off their shirts on University Avenue facing the U.S. Consulate and started beating themselves in frightening unison.”

Brown Alert! And our mayoral candidates? Silent on this nipply menace, save for our unwavering Faith:

“Responding to my question, she wrote back: ‘The roots of this cultural practice have no connection to Canada while the spectacle itself is profoundly incongruent with Canadian Values. Mass demonstrations wherein shirtless men self-flagellate have no place on our shared publicly funded streets. As Mayor of Toronto I would see to it that such demonstrations were dispersed at once, while any infractions would be dealt with to the fullest extent of Canadian Law.’

Barbaric cultural practices: Get a room, weirdos!

“The question is this: Why couldn’t John Tory or Jennifer Keesmat say the obvious and call a barbaric practice as ‘barbaric’? As long as the elites remain subservient to ethno-religious vote banks, let’s not blame the likes of Faith Goldy in Canada or Tommy Robinson in UK. All they do is fill a vacuum. The Swedish Democrats do it in Scandinavia. The CAQ does it in Quebec while Maxime Bernier is just warming up his engines. Calling them racist is the easy part.”

Quite so. Though it must be said the Nazi neckbeards at the Daily Stormer, to whom Faith endeared herself last year with her cheerleading for white supremacists at Charlottesville, know what they like, and like what they see.

This week, they gave their coveted endorsement to Faith’s campaign:

Faith Goldy seems to be running an actually half-way decent campaign for mayor of Toronto.

She’s in third place right now.

Which like, she doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning whatsoever, but her ideas do have a chance of being heard and taken seriously if she is allowed to speak.

But she isn’t. Being allowed to speak, that is.

She’s literally getting de-platformed when she’s thrown off the speaker’s platform by a vicious doublenigger (one for being a nigger and two for having a badge and being a badge-nigger because of that as well) used by the SJWs to censor right-wing opinions.

Now, in the great THOT wars of yesteryear, one thing stuck out to me above all other things.

Faith was clearly the top THOT (That Hoe Over There).

She did the best job hiding the fact that she was, in fact, a skank and was also, objectively, the hottest.

[But]Faith needs to tone it down and take a more moderate position on the Cop Question.

Instead of telling the copper that she was on his side while she was getting man-handled off the stage, she should have tried something more like, “you’ll get yours on the day of the rope, PIG!”

THAT’S what Torontonians want to hear from a mayoral candidate!



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4 comments on “Faith Goldy: Stormshine Girl
  1. daveS says:

    Have you seen a collection of photos of Ms. Goldy over the past few years? (Hopefully not!)

    But is it just bad lighting, or doing her own makeup, but it changes all the time as though she is using a bad plastic mask at some times.

    Where’s the Lineup photos?

  2. Patrick60 says:

    She’s taken to youtube regarding Bell’s not running her ad, apparently.

  3. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Lovely cleavage, though.

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