“mired in…”

Unfortunately, the Democrats have since become mired in identity politics, a red flag in front of populists (as it well should be). – Clifford Orwin, Globe and Mail, Sept. 21.

The Government of Prince Edward Island announced last week that the September 20 draw would be the final invitation round for the Business Impact Category’s 100% Ownership and Partial Ownership streams, which had become mired in controversy. – Stephen Smith, Canada Immigration Newsletter, Sept. 21.

The Harper government revitalized the cause after the financial crisis, eventually leading to the creation of a co-operative, pan-Canadian regulator, dubbed the Capital Markets Regulatory Authority. But the agency’s launch, targeted for this year, has been mired in legal challenges, delays and interprovincial squabbles. – Barrie McKenna, Globe and Mail, Sept. 16.

Before getting mired in scandal and contributing to the urban-rural divide with his energy policies, Mr. McGuinty came closest to emulating Mr. Davis’s political formula… – Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail, Sept. 14.

However, there is an argument to be made that a city with 25 per cent of its downtown office core still vacant and the oilpatch mired in recovery mode that there could be some political support to be secured here. – Scott Dippel, CBC, Sept. 13.

Edmonton’s iconic $155-million Walterdale Bridge remains mired in controversy with the city refusing to say how much, if any, it will collect of the $11 million in late payment fees specified in the contract. – Ian Harvey, Journal of Commerce, Sept 13.

Of course, poor, weak, corporate-dominated Canada is still mired in this garbage, with ISDSes front-and-centre in the agreements it struck with the EU and China and the resurgent TPP. – Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing, Sept. 13.

Or will most voters settle for the Trudeau government’s recent farcical promise to lower the rate of poverty in Canada 20 per cent by 2020, and 50 per cent by 2030? As I noted in a previous blog, this would result, 12 years from now, in reducing the number of Canadian children mired in poverty to just 600,000. Wow! What a colossal eventual achievement! – Ed Finn, Rabble, Sept. 13.

Mr. LeBlanc’s decision was mired in controversy from the beginning, with the Opposition seizing on the involvement of both the brother of a sitting Liberal MP and a former Liberal MP in the Five Nations bid. A court challenge was also launched by one of the losing bidders. – Robert Fife, Globe and Mail, Sept. 12.

Since the start of 2018, Bondfield Construction Company Ltd., a family-owned firm based in Vaughan, north of Toronto, has been terminated as the general contractor on three public-sector projects, and several others are mired in delays. – Karen Howlett, Greg McArthur and Vjosa Isai, Globe and Mail, Sept. 10.

But the Canadian and American sides remain mired in NAFTA sticking points (bonus cliché!!–ed.) among them the need for a dispute resolution mechanism and cultural protections. – Amanda Connolly, Global News, Sept 9.

Reports such as Raising Canada and Oh Canada feign both objectivity and certainty, and seem almost designed to create crises out of nothing. That would be bad enough; what’s worse is that in the areas where they really could play a constructive role for helping kids, they’re too mired in clichés and bad metaphors to do any actual good. – Marni Soupcoff, National Post, Sept. 6.

It came following a tough week for Legault. One high-profile candidate dropped out, a longtime ally was mired in controversy, and Legault was outfoxed by his rivals. – Jonathan Montpetit, CBC, Sept 4.

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    I like “mired in sticking-points.” The imagination enjoys a challenge.

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