Municipal Waste: A Very Kanapathi Election

A tip of the Frank thallapa to Tory MPP Logan Kanapathi (PC-Markham-Thornhill) and his latest gift to the long-suffering voters of Markham, his telegenic daughter, Kethika.

Logan vacated his city council seat to join the big shitshew at Queen’s Park, and now twentynothing Kethika is running to keep Ward 7 in the family.

Kanapathi père became the first Tamil to hold elected office in Canada when he took Ward 7 in 2006. He pulled off an even more impressive feat last spring by surviving Doug Ford‘s review of the woofy slate of candidates nominated under Patrick Brown, whose ethnic outreach so famously exceeded his grasp.

Logan, after all, had left little doubt he was a creature of the carbon-taxin’, sex-educatin’, intern-romancin’ Brown, even backing Paddy in his quixotic nine-day campaign to regain the PC leadership. When Brown bailed on that laugher, Kanapathi shrewdly transferred his loyalties back to, er, Christine Elliott.

But even in the nepotistic era of Doug Ford Jr., Ivanka Muldoon, Duffer Harris II, etc., a Kanapathi dynasty in Markham  is no certain thing.

Khalid Usman, appointed to warm Logan’s vacant council seat, is running to keep it. Mayor Frank Scarpitti (no relation) was among the local Liberal grandees at his campaign launch, along with MP Mary Ng and defeated MPP Helena Jaczek. Hizzoner pointedly advised that the good burghers of Ward 7 should opt for the most qualified candidate, rather than, say, one with family connections.

The Kanapathis and the Widow O’Booze: Love that Joker!

Kathika also cannot simply presume the support of the ward’s numerous and active Sri Lankan diaspora voters, not in a crowded field of seven candidates, five of whom are Tamil.

What to do? Bang that family name for all it’s worth, baby. Daddy’s girl is running as Kethika Logan Kanapathi, a handle which should appear on the ballot, incumbently enough, as “LOGAN KANAPATHI, K.”

Branding synergies aside, names are a fluid thing in the Tamil community. Papa came to Canada as Loganathan Kanapathipili. His talented spouse, Dr. Rajes Logan, variously styles herself Dr. Rajeswary Loganathan, and Dr. Rajes Loganathan.

(Or maybe it’s a Markham thing. After Liberal MP Jag Bhaduria became a punchline with his fictitious law degree and foaming letters to former employers at the Toronto District School Board, wishing them lined up against the wall and shot, his wife Pushpa prudently changed her name to Pam Power before taking her own crack at municipal politics.)

Speaking of family ties, up until Labour Day, Kethika was running her campaign office out of spare rooms at the back of mom’s medical clinic on McGowan Rd. She’s since moved into new digs in the same building.

Suggestions that the switch came after enquiries from the Markham Economist and Sun and/or the Markham Clerk’s Office, with reference to inconvenient sections of the Health Insurance Act re: the use of medical offices for reptile-running purposes, are risible in the extreme, and have no place in a family magazine.

Daddy issues: Logan’s constit office, featuring Kethika’s campaign posters!

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2 comments on “Municipal Waste: A Very Kanapathi Election
  1. daveS says:

    A wind through her hair (holes in the head?) in her Facebook Videos!! Oy!

  2. daveS says:

    The King Video interview (with hilarious Closed Caption subtitles lines) deprecates her Branksome Hall schooling. She rode the subway!! to school. Saw homelessness for real, for the first time in her journeys.
    She went to University of Western Ontario, but didn’t enter (qualify?) as a doctor as her parents, (Elizabeth) had hoped.

    Sigh! What a Pseud.

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