“White female, with long blonde hair, big tits”

A rare victory for transparency at the Ottawa Coppe Shoppe, as an internal report on a Saturday night homicide mistakenly landed in about 200 media and city emails Sunday morning. Le whoops! (Flatfeet have since arrested Crystal Bastien, 32, in the murder of Mohamad Mana, 30.)

Mercifully, the sad sack local news biz being what it is, a fair number of those email accounts were long dead anyway (the police mailing list still includes, par exemple, Steve Rennie, Trevor Greenway and Emma Jackson, onetime sluggos for the defunct Metro Ottawa fishwrap, shuttered by Torstar last November).

A follow-up email to OPS “media partners” advised that the 24-page report, which contained the names, addresses, phone numbers and statements of witnesses, details of the hotel room crime scene and the name of the victim (whose next of kin had not yet been notified), had been sent in error, and, er, please delete? Thanks a bunch!

The fourth estate obediently complied, and refrained from quoting from the much-thumbed report, which includes one witness description of Bastien as “a white female, with long blonde hair, big tits.”


Post-cockup kneebending fell to Dep. Insp. Trish Ferguson, who told hacks, “To my knowledge, we haven’t had a breach of this type before. We’re going through internally to figure out where this lies, who is responsible and what actions will be taken.”

My organ would never presume to tell Ottawa’s finest how to conduct their investigation, but perhaps they might start by examining the header of the offending email, and who sent it?

Step forward, Staff Sgt. Will Hinterberger, who, according to Ontario’s Public Sector Salary Disclosure, earned $131,612.98 in 2017. And worth every penny.

A Frank sunshine citation this week as well for Ottawa Police Const. Eric Post, who faces what is believed to be a force-wide record of 21 criminal charges. He’s been tagged with two counts of sexual assault, four counts of harassment by repeated communication via text and phone calls, two counts of uttering threats, five counts of assault, intimidation by threat of violence, forcible entry, two counts of forcible confinement and numerous firearms offenses.

Ottawa police are also investigating reports of alleged misuse of police databases and a Taser, and the transmission of nude photos of the frisky constable posing with his service firearm. 2017 Salary: $141,214.57 (suspended with pay since June).

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  1. Patrick60 says:

    There’s no life like it! Sure beats being a lance corporal in the CAF.

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