Esther the Wonder Pig now cancer-free, pain-free and ‘fabulous’

Home break-ins by black bears surge in Connecticut suburbs – Sept. 25.

Woman charged with leaving a Chihuahua to die in trash bin – Sept. 24.

UK police warn about rare goat-antelope escaped from zoo – Sept. 24.

Number of human-bear conflicts growing across Alaska – Sept. 24.

PRINTED POOCH: Researchers save dog’s life by printing new skull – Sept. 23

Police arrest man accused of killing emus with car and posting video online – Sept. 21.

Edmonton Humane Society worker charged over three forgotten cats – Sept. 20.

Trooper: Drunken Missouri man dragged horse behind his truck – Sept. 20.

Wildlife officers round up another bear wandering in Gatineau – Sept. 20.

Restaurant gets lobsters stoned before killing them in the name of animal welfare – Sept. 20.

Police seek suspect in cat shootings in Cantley – Sept. 19.

1.7 million chickens drown as NC rivers swollen by Florence – Sept. 19.

Esther the Wonder Pig now cancer-free, pain-free and ‘fabulous’ – Sept. 17.

At least eight calls to police for pets in hot cars on steamy Saturday – Sept. 15.

Survivor the kitten survives Florence’s onslaught – Sept. 15.

Ontario police receive influx of calls about missing or dead cats – Sept. 14

‘FIELD GOAL’: man charged with kicking cat like football in Snapchat video – Sept. 14.

WATCH: Pablo Escobar’s sex-crazed cocaine hippos – Sept. 11.

Blind, deaf dog allegedly abandoned by owner finds new home – Sept. 10.

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2 comments on “Esther the Wonder Pig now cancer-free, pain-free and ‘fabulous’
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    People call the police about a missing cat?

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