Weasel World: Lobbyists overboard at FleishmanHillard

Windows were for jumping last week at FleishmanHillard’s Ottawa reptile ranch in the World Exchange Plaza, out of which general manager Gordon Taylor Lee and senior VP Kevin Macintosh were frogmarched under escort.

Gordo, a well-connected Liberal arse-creeper, earned his kneepads in the Croutonic Era and Martin Interregnum as a policy wank for Deputy PM Herb Gray and Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh, respectively.

The celerity of his departure leaves the Ottawa office for now  under the remote supervision of President Angela Carmichael in Toronto.

Macintosh served two tours of duty as shineboy to Tory cabmin Rob Nicholson (1986-1993; 2004-2006). Clients, alas, have been markedly less plentiful since the last federal election deposed President Steve and most of Kev’s Rolodex. He is still registered as lobby weasel of record for Johnson & Johnson and the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba.

Both gentlemen, as part of their duties at Fleishman, handled PR for Irving Shipbuilding, a juicy and tangled file in this age of navy contract boondoggles.

Previous to that, they had plied their trade for Irving’s arch-rival, Davie Canada Yard. Mcintosh was Davie’s registered lobbyist from 2014-2016. The bust-up and migration between competing clients was surpassingly unpleasant.

Why the executions? Strictly business, most bystanders agree. A mere matter of performance, third prize is you’re fired, etc.

But Macintosh’s office, readers may recall, was one of those raided by the RCMP last year before they charged navy supremo Vice-Admiral Mark Norman with leaking cabinet secrets regarding the supply ship program.

Nobody is suggesting, nor should they, that it’s anything but the purest coincidence, but should Taylor Lee or Macintosh find themselves obliged to testify at Norman’s trial, slated to run next fall during the federal running of the reptiles, any legal expenses they incur will presumably be theirs alone, and not their erstwhile employer’s.

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  1. mmedesevigne says:

    Next year’s running of the reptiles? Wanna bet that Trudeau calls an early spring election?

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