Women’s Lib Coulda Stuck With Burnin’ Bras, But They Had To Go and Ruin It!

You been keepin’ up with this Judge Kavanaugh foofaraw stateside? How hard is it anyway to get on the Supreme Court? Surely the man has his Grade 12.

I hear ladies talk of how this is like Anita Hill all over again, but if memory serves, Long Dong Silver ended up on the bench anyhow, so they learned nothin’ from history. Or biology, for that matter.

Who wants a saint for a judge? Some Johnny No-Nuts who’d never need a judge, that’s who.

Me, I’d want to be judged by a fella what knows how it feels to be accused of all sorts of hijinx, rightly or wrongly.

All I’m sayin’ is, walk a mile in my army boots, boy-o. That’s all any man with balls, who knows how to use ’em, can ask for.

Speakin’ of which, since we last talked Jian Ghomeshi’s come back an’ gone away again.

I don’t know much about The New York Review Of Books and don’t care to start learnin’ now, but I’ll give it some free advice: maybe stick to reviewin’ books, preferably the ones with Jack Reacher in ’em. They’re not half bad. Not half good either, mind., but just right. You could even say #justright if yer set upon goin’ all hashtag on me.

And then there’s this Stormy Daniels girl peddlin’ a tell all on the president, which strikes me as a serious breach of hooker-client confidentiality.

That oughta be a sacred trust, even when there’s nothin’ worth writin’ home about.

I don’t think her sayin’ his penis looks like a mushroom’ll hurt Mr Trump. Not with the fellas with mushroom dicks, which is his base.

Besides, it all comes down to the type of mushroom, right guys? A portobello would be nothin’ to sneeze at, even with a mushroom allergy.

On the other hand I wouldn’t want a shiitake, even if we’re only talkin’ about mushrooms for a second. If you’re Japanese, though, I suppose that’s just the hand God dealt ya.

Anyhow I’d rather have a president with a mushroom dick than a president with no dick at all.

And still they wonder why Hillary lost. No collusion!

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One comment on “Women’s Lib Coulda Stuck With Burnin’ Bras, But They Had To Go and Ruin It!
  1. Serenitynow says:

    Hooker-client confidentiality? Mushroom dicks – which is his base? Dick my man, you edify us in ways not imaginable by mere – alcoholics.

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