“You just never know what Toronto Police detectives might be up to.”

Yeah, and, while we’re at it, how about cracking down on those fire trucks that clog our streets—and during emergencies, no less!
City Hall’s penchant for imposing strict rules and regulations on most things doesn’t apply to the world of addiction and drugs. No rent. No taxes…. Setting up a hotdog cart…without a vendor’s licence will garner you a $372.30 fine. The application fee for a licence is $294.74. Walking a dog without a leash could net you a $260 ticket under Toronto bylaws. But go ahead and erect an unlicenced, unregulated hard-drug injection tent in that parkette. Go ahead and hand out needles, tourniquets, condoms and crack kits. And do it next to the kids’ playground! The authorities won’t say a word.
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, Sept. 17, 2018.

Admittedly, the dope fiends did get some pretty nice snaps of me and Jack gawking at them
The people operating the new Parkdale Overdose Prevention Site, south of Queen Street W., don’t permit reporters to ask question or photographers to capture images of their work. That’s one irritant they are not prepared to tolerate. With photographer Jack Boland, I learned this when we dropped by to see the new addition to a neighbourhood of homes, apartment buildings, senior centres and homeless shelters. We stayed on publicly-owned sidewalks and greenspace, but organizers stayed on top of us—telling us what we could and couldn’t do. The heroin addicts and crack users didn’t have that impediment. Respect for their privacy and dignity reign supreme there.

It’s like being a welfare mom, only better!
And their enablers set the rules with a straight face as if it’s them sitting on the moral high ground…. Nothing worse than disturbing a heroin shoot-up session. Turns out the only people in Toronto exempt from the interruptions of city life are those doing their illegal smack. Only in Toronto, a city where gangsters kill each other at will over the drug trade, could the comforts of junkies take precedence…. Become an addict and the rules no longer apply to you. Everything you need to facilitate your lifestyle is provided.

God forbid the little kiddies be exposed to people saving lives!
Now, in fairness, two volunteers we met seemed sincere about their commitment to help people and believe in this approach.
“We are here to save lives.” This life-saving program, however, involves addicts and dealers engaging in a private drug operation at a city park next to a jungle gym and splash pad.

And it’s all ’cause of the cushy lifestyle we provide them with
Opioids killing more than 11 Canadians daily…. Since the start of 2016, new data show, more than 8,000 Canadians have died because of the painkillers
—Globe and Mail headline, Sept. 19, 2018.

And by eight in ten Ontarians, I mean the 10,651 Sun “readers” who got the right answer to our poll question—which. in a province of more than 14 million people, is…er, let’s see, carry the three, drop the five…heck, you do the math—but, trust me, it works out to eight in ten!
Who would have thought eight in ten Ontarians would side with elected Premier Doug Ford over an appointed judge from the Liberal government eras of Chretien and McGuinty? Ford did. Turns out, by using the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to combat what many feel was an activist judicial ruling to use that same charter to stop an elected government’s decision, the premier doesn’t seem to have spent political capital but gain some…. Ford told the Sun Tuesday of why he is not surprised people are backing him on bringing back the legislature to usher through his plan to reduce the size of Toronto City Council from 47 seats to 25.
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, Sept. 11, 2018.

Uh, maybe arresting Barry and Honey’s killers?
Michael Lewis’ killers may think they are home free. Don’t be so sure. You just never now what Toronto Police detectives might be up to.
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, Sept. 5, 2018.

Or maybe you shouldn’t say, Joe—they might, you know, amscray
Anyway, Lewis’ killers should know there are a lot of cameras in the Coronation Park area and police are going through the footage right now. How long before that knock comes on your door? Or, should I say, how long before it’s kicked in?

“Unacceptable?” said Little Dougie and Little Stephanie, their mouths full of corn dog. “Is that like when Mommy says you screwed us out of Daddy’s share of the business?”
In a few weeks, when a guy like this comes up for bail, the accused will face what Premier Doug Ford calls legal swat teams—Crown attorneys employing a new tougher style of opposing bail. The Liberal government’s way of putting just about everybody on bail will be challenged by the Progressive Conservative government…. They know police are understaffed and overworked and even if they get caught, the light-on-justice Liberals won’t throw the book at them. Thankfully, Ford’s government is taking it more seriously. He was actually down at the CNE with late mayor Rob Ford’s kids, Dougie and Stephanie, when Lewis was slain. “Unacceptable,” Ford told me.

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    The Worm has turned for the “worse” and will be summarily sequestered to a home for wayward hacks and fascists.

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