[A]ccusations must be reasonably advanced and not dangled and jiggled as they have been as in primitive children’s amusements in honky-tonk games of deception….

Nothing a mass hysterectomy couldn’t remedy
The Democrats…after they had enflamed the whole #MeToo terror and emasculation apparatus…saw an opportunity to bag millions of independent or wavering female voters in the midterm elections, with this sudden recourse to orchestrated hysteria. The burning question is how much time will be required for the sensible majority to be repulsed…while Kavanaugh is crucified by a deranged ultra-feminist man-hating lynch mob.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, American Greatness, Sept. 24, 2018.

Perhaps not in a country where the president himself thinks a Magna Carta is a bullet-proof golf cart
There is no question that the majority of Americans, when they see this issue plainly, will be disgusted at these Democratic hypocrites advocating the totalitarian rape of the entire system of Anglo-Saxon justice and due process since Magna Carta 703 years ago.

The Prophesies of Tubbidamus, No. 1,369
I think there will be a clear mandate from a united Republican Senate delegation to confirm Kavanaugh after the hearings Thursday.

We do, but it doesn’t, and, yes, we are
For those who like a spectacle, it just keeps getting better. Those who want dignified government are an oppressed minority.

With Trump, we all have a serious survival problem on our hands
What we are witnessing is the parting fusillade of the NeverTrumpers and goal-line stand of the Democrats who have only recently realized that they had a serious survival problem on their hands….
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, American Greatness, Oct. 2, 2018.

Hysteria, I tell you, can cut both ways!
[T]he Democrats…are trying to bait the president and his Senate colleagues into language and actions that would inflame the hypersensitive and volatile feminist-activist vote…. Close questioning from the FBI, without the #MeToo-intimidated American public watching, will be a challenge for [Ford], especially if the nature of her extensive psychotherapy is revealed.

OK, so maybe he did innocently wave his dick in her face, but the other broad is definitely looney-tunes
And even those who might take Ramirez’s syrupy rhapsody about the conjured phallic apparition of the undergraduate Kavanaugh, drew the line at the egregious Michael Avenatti’s attempt to associate the young Kavanaugh with drug-crazed serial gang-rapes.

Wow, that strong? ​
President Trump’s position is comparatively strong, though he is less esteemed by his opponents, and his nominee’s case appears to be as strong as was that of Clarence Thomas.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to confuse the upstanding Supreme Court nominee with that Bart O’Kavanaugh dude
If there was such an incident as Ford describes, and she deserves to be believed that it is not a complete fabrication, there is a serious insufficiency of evidence that it had anything to do with the young Brett Kavanaugh.

Even if he did do it—which, of course. he didn’t—it was, in the grand scheme of things, little more than a tittle of tumescent tomfoolery, a fooferaw of frivolous fondling, a granule of gratuitous groping
And even if it the incident occurred and he was involved, there is no possible evidence that it was attempted rape. This is, at best, a trivial matter, however provocative and outrageous, and terrible for Ford.

And everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good guys lost
Everyone knows that the entire Christine Blasey Ford challenge to Judge Brett Kavanaugh is nonsense.

Insert your own Brett Kavanaugh dick joke here
[A]ccusations, to have any consequences, must be reasonably advanced and not dangled and jiggled as they have been as in primitive children’s amusements in honky-tonk games of deception….

Granted, that latter approach worked pretty well for Donald Trump in the U.S.A.
The tax on high income earners did not produce the $3 billion promised. Instead that tax category, the much-abused one per cent (most of whom got there by hard work and constructive astuteness, and not as most politicians endlessly imply, by being sociophobic exploiters, greedy speculator, and tax cheats)….
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, National Post, Sept. 21, 2018.

A master of deadpan political humour at work
At this point, I believe there is no practical choice, nor any valid counterargument, to giving the president the mandate he needs to complete his program…. Now is the time for the honeymoon that was withheld two years ago. And if he receives it, he will have a legitimate mandate to govern with dignity and calm in the bipartisan national interest.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, American Greatness, Sept, 19, 2018.

Especially the way he’d commandeer the prison kitchen of an afternoon and effortlessly whip up a batch of his signature Crossharbour Weenie Cassoulet aux Fèves au Lard for 3,000
Conrad Black was the only client I was afraid to talk to, because he’d look at you like, “What are you doing at my table?” But I thought what he did in prison was brilliant.
—Celebrity chef Mark McEwan, quoted by Dawn Calleja, Globe and Mail, Oct. 2, 2018,

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2 comments on “[A]ccusations must be reasonably advanced and not dangled and jiggled as they have been as in primitive children’s amusements in honky-tonk games of deception….
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Ford’s story was not challenged by FBI questioning, close or otherwise. Apparently the way to prove a negative is choosing whom not to ask.

  2. Papadoc says:

    Tubs, give up, this endless sucking of Trump’s scrotum is never going to earn you your pardon.

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