One Ladurantaye a-leaping Part Deux

As predicted in Trash Magazine (Curse of Frank, May 2017), Steve Ladurantaye and the CBC have finally parted company.

A onetime Corpse wunderkind charged with reinventing The National, Ladurantaye got himself mixed up with Ken Whyte and his cultural appropriation prize campaign a couple of years ago.

The neocon doughboy’s free speech initiative had a paleface parade of hacks pledging financial support, among them Andrew Coyne, Steve Maich, Scott Feschuk, Christie Blatchford, Anne Marie Owens, Alison Uncles and—eager to be one of the gang—M. Ladurantaye.

Alas, their tin-eared tweets sparked a massive blowback, followed by the Giants of Journalism™ in full, grovelling retreat.

Steve was frogmarched before the CBC Star Chamber of Inappropriateness and Insensitivity, ordered to confess his sins and listen to impact statements from his victims of diversity (diverse victims, shurely?!—ed.)

At sentencing, CBC news supremo Jennifer McGuire decreed that Steve would be banished immediately to the Corpse “Content Experience area,” where he would “help evolve our storytelling strategies and take the time necessary to reach out to Indigenous communities.”

Steve, not exactly as illustrated.

Poor Steve presumed his exile would be temporary and post penance, he’d be fully pardoned. But McGuire later announced his demotion was permanent and his return to The Thing With Four Heads would be, er, never.

Now comes news that Steve’s annus horribilis at CBC is mercifully over and he’s found gainful employment with the STV network in Glasgow, Scotland. According to an announcement by STV–the tartan version of CCCP1–Steve will oversee a shake up the network’s news operation.

No mention in the STV press release of Steve’s CBC misadventures, nor was there any reference to his more serious crime against humanity, playing guitar with Warren Kinsella’s pretend punk band, Shit the Bed.

Frank Prediction: After a suitable duration, Ladurantaye will return to Canada and join CTV, where CBC miscreants (come on down, Evan Solomon) are guaranteed to be born again.


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2 comments on “One Ladurantaye a-leaping Part Deux
  1. daveS says:

    And Jennifer McGuire has been infrequent on her Twittering, on her
    What can it all mean?

  2. daveS says:

    “Ladurantaye said: “STV News is an industry leader at a pivotal time. I’m so excited to build on the work already done and to ensure STV News finds its audience on whichever screen they favour.”
    Bobby Hain, managing director, broadcast, said: “As head of STV News, Steven Ladurantaye will bring extensive experience of delivering the changes that we are introducing combined with a strong public service broadcast background and passion for journalism.” said the Press-Gazette 5 days ago.

    Yes, he will be back soon to Canada with a mild Scottish accent, made stronger by living in Glasgow, not Edinburgh, for 6 months of rain and snow and showers of disdain from “a headcount reduction of 34 alongside, the broadcaster said, investment in “skills, technology and digital”” and closing its STV2 channel in May.

    All this while competing with the new BBC Scotland channel which has global ambitions and will pitch new work at streaming platforms such as Netflix to win international audiences.
    BBC Scotland Executives outlined plans for the £32 million channel to reflect a “modern, contemporary Scotland” while encouraging foreign investment in the indigenous production sector.

    Time for Steve to become a teetotaler.

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