Everything’s Goin’ To Hell–We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Handbasket!

Some days it’s a chore to just keep current, let alone regular, what with the Great Climate Change Swindle, whoever Kanye West is and whatever Saudi Arabia can get away with next.

But I don’t want to miss nothin’, least of all my Lotto numbers.

I don’t like it, but that’s the system we got!

If ya believe the doom an’ gloom merchants in the pay of someone or somethin’ called Soros it’s already too late to save the planet anyhow, so why not just brace yourself an’ enjoy the scary thrill ride?

One thing science agrees on is we all gotta go sometime (though I’m old enough I’m startin’ to have my doubts), so go out in style, in a real gas-guzzler, preferably while eatin’ a bucket of chicken and tweetin’ like there’s no tomorrow. Because who knows, maybe there ain’t. Time will tell!

Movin’ along to this Kanye fella, now there’s a fish of a whole other kettle.

Everybody swears he’s a musician but I’m a bit of a music buff and I don’t know a thing by him. So that’s a red flag right there, since I never read anything by Virginia Woolf but at least I know she was some kinda crazy lesbo writer dame.

Most people say Kanye’s more nuts that a squirrel’s shithouse, but that’s beside the excellent point of his sayin’ he loves the President.

(I just checked and it’s true: he means this actual, current, best ever President. That don’t sound like a madman to me!)

Also Kanye don’t wear his MAGA hat backwards like a common thug, so that’s a good role model for   young Republicans.

Heck, if the 78 format ever makes a comeback I might buy some of his music.

I think Louis Armstrong was pretty good, so I got an open mind.

And the Saudis went an’ killed a Washington Post reporter?

Mr. Trump’s showin’ it pays to have friends in high places, so that means there’s no need to follow the money, Mr. Mueller!


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3 comments on “Everything’s Goin’ To Hell–We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Handbasket!
  1. Patrick60 says:

    If the Saudis are our allies in the War Against Terror(TM), it has lost all credibility.

  2. OJM says:

    For Dick, death will be , without the nuisance of breathing.

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