“l leaned over and said what I’d been dying to say since I first met him: ‘Hiroshima!'”

Bad enough that the Washington Post tarnishes its reputation by publishing Canadian alt. right nutters like J. J. McCullough, but now here’s the Wall Street Journal giving space to Rondi Adamson.

Longtime aficionados of Frank Drivel will recall the Ann Coulter wannabe as a deep thinker at the Ottawa Petfinder, when libertarian editor Neil Reynolds bestrode Baxter Road, back in the Aughts.

In his quest for crack-pot contrarians, Reynolds made abundant space for the likes of David “Slipper Boy” Warren, Hadani “Lately” Ditmars, “Tricky Liz” Nickson and Blue Rondi a la Turk (for it is she.)
Sample Adamson musings from the day:

“When I lived in Japan [I] bought Japanese pumpkin from a shop run by a little old man who would nudge me, wink and say, smiling, “Pearl Harbor.”

One day, after I had consumed a couple of canned scotch and sodas … l leaned over and said what I’d been dying to say since I first met him: “Hiroshima!” I then gave him a death ray look that said, “Bug me again, buddy-san, and I’ll say ‘Nagasaki’ too!”
–Rondi “The Blonde Peril,” Ottawa Petfinder, Aug. 12, 2001.

“When I lived in Turkey I witnessed the despicable and inhumane “tradition” of dancing bears. Underfed, chained and abused bears were made to dance for people on the streets. It made me sick to my stomach and I would dearly love us to drop a bomb on anyone who participates in such activity [But] I wouldn’t expect that issue to be the reason for a war (though it strikes me as a better reason than many).
Petfinder, Nov. 4, 2001.

Feminism has mostly managed to vilify itself, creating an Orwellian mindset amongst its followers and contaminating our world with lies so well-accepted that questioning puts you in a line of estrogen-fuelled fire.
-Petfinder, Nov. 18, 2001.

More recently, Rondi provided unintended hilarity to the WSJ, burbling praise for Doug Ford (“He’s no tinpot Northern Trump”)—WSJ, June, 2018, and slagging Justin Trudeau, Meryl Streep, Pope Francis and George Clooney, as a bunch of “pills you just can’t take.”
WSJ, Aug. 2017.

Meanwhile, on her blog on “the internets”, Rondi the pedant takes a crack at film criticism:
“We got around to watching Dunkirk a few weeks ago, and while I thought it was good, what I did not appreciate was the quote used at the end:
This film is dedicated to all those whose lives were impacted by the events at Dunkirk.”
“Seriously? All those? Including Hitler? His life was certainly impacted. Goebbels? Goring? Speer? “Seriously? Because their lives were impacted by it, to be sure. Also, please use ‘affected’ rather than ‘impacted.’ Please.”
–April, 2018


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5 comments on ““l leaned over and said what I’d been dying to say since I first met him: ‘Hiroshima!'”
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    Huffington Post, Canada, which contains David Frum’s spouse Danielle Crittenden, also publishes her mindless drivel…

  2. reym says:

    Hey! Isn’t that The Tubster in the background holding a glass of vino blanco?

  3. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Looking forward to the book of conservative humour – well, pamphlet maybe.

  4. Papadoc says:

    And plug ugly to boot! Is she packing a Luger in her bra?

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