Maybe Quebec Will Turn Out Alright After All!

If I could say one thing to Quebec it’d be different from the one thing I been mumblin’ under my breath at it for the past God only knows how long. An’ that’s “Lookin’ good, Frenchie!”

I’m as surprised as you are. If I didn’t keep the news on 24 hours you’d be right to call 911 on me cuz talkin’ like that could be down to a stroke.

Hell, I think I just had a little stroke when I accidentally saw an ad for A Star Is Born. An’ there’s more where that came from, bub.

But Quebec just had an election a few days back an’ for once it didn’t make me want to throw up.

If you’re a Canadian history buff then ya know they gone back ‘n forth between the Liberals and the PQ since confederation days. Maybe even before that, but the records are sketchy.

Except this time they got it right an’ kicked ’em both to le curb. Arrivederci, status quo!

Yessir, ‘ for once they elected a smooth talkin’ rich old white fella what wants to cut taxes an’ services at the selfsame time. The very novelty!

The mornin’ after, Quebeckers musta woke up wonderin’ if they’d died and gone to Brockville.

But that’s not even the best part. Get this: he wants to ban religious headgear, with the possible exception of hockey touques. That means Muslims and Jews, foreign an’ domestic, are on notice.

(Normal Christians are in the clear on account of how they’re not crazy about hats anyhow.)

An’ like our boy Dougie, he says to do it he’s got the beans to give the Notwithstanding Clause the ol’ rub ‘n tug right out in public for all to gawk at!

The only downside I see is Quebec looks to stay a part of Canada for the time bein’. Though the upside to that downside is after this new Nafta-type deal Canada’s time has gotta be pretty damn short.

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2 comments on “Maybe Quebec Will Turn Out Alright After All!
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Everyone seems to realize that the days of “Status Quo” politics are over except the remnants of our political class. Like Dodos in the face of hungry sailors….

  2. Sarwood says:

    So that’s what happened to the hungry sailors…. they joined the public service.

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