“fear and loathing”

But appealing to the swing-voting middle of centrist voters is an election-losing strategy in Trumpian eyes. Not just in primaries where pandering to party extremes secures nominations, but increasingly in general elections. So Trump isn’t loudly taking credit for peace and prosperity. He’s still preaching fear and loathing. – Paul Koring, iPolitics, Nov. 4.

Only those who refuse to see fail to draw a direct line from the president’s principal political device — activation of white America’s fear and loathing of all but white, Christian Americans — and the nation’s descent into its contemptable [sic] past. – Jim Vibert, Chronicle-Herald, Nov. 2.

“It’s the economy, stupid!” was once the phrase that guided American political campaigns. Instead, Trump has decided that he’d rather sell a message of fear and loathing. – Jackson Proscow, Global News, Nov. 2.

Well, then. Oct.17 is almost here, a day of much rejoicing for the 4/20 crowd — and for those who are in a state of fear and loathing, I say, “relax.” Have a brownie. – Robert Harvie, The Lawyers Daily, Oct. 16.

If you hadn’t already seen him, count yourself among the lucky ones. This week, the world met Gritty — then shook with fear and loathing. – CBC, Sept. 28.

The reality is, had city hall not allowed the 135A Street strip to morph into the human tragedy it became, people might be more inclined to give these kinds of projects more consideration than the fear and loathing facing them now. – Editorial, Surrey Now-Leader, Sept. 21.

But the second loser in 2015 was the New Democratic Party. So great was the fear and loathing at the prospect of Harper’s return that voters who would normally have supported the NDP cast strategic ballots for the Liberals — thoughtful people like David Suzuki. – Michael Harris, iPolitics, Aug. 19.

What the United Conservatives are allegedly planning to do about abortion is never spelled out by the NDP. But it is enough to say the A-word to get some fear and loathing going in certain circles. – Rick Bell, Calgary Sun, July 11.

Still, fear and loathing of invasion and adulteration by dirty, diseased, ignorant, criminal aliens is as old as the United States, although less celebrated than the uplifting verse emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty about welcoming the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” – Paul Koring, iPolitics, June 24.

Spiders like the Black Widow may be the source of fear and loathing for some. But these weaving, hunting and burrowing creatures play a vital role in ecosystems and have had cultural significance throughout history. – Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun, June 5.

Many past premiers of all parties have increased the debt or run deficits. They may be voted out of office or contested hotly, but I do not recall a campaign full of hate. Even when Mr. Davis made one of the most hated decisions of all time, funding separate high schools, he remained a beloved premier to this day. Why the fear and loathing? – Herman Turkstra, Hamilton Spectator, June 5.

And on June 7 at the polling station, they must ask themselves: Fear and loathing aside, what’s truly best for Ontario? – Editorial, Hamilton Spectator, May 7.

Mr. Ford’s negatives are high (40 per cent) but Ms. Wynne’s are much higher (62 per cent). Here in Ontario, it’s a contest between fear and loathing. No wonder people don’t want to discuss it at the dinner table. They just get indigestion. – Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail, Apr. 18.

[Winnie Mandela ] became an object of fear and loathing in the black townships of South Africa, a ruthless Mafia overlord who demanded subservience from those around her and whose gang of thug bodyguards meted out violence and death to any who defied or displeased her. – Jonathan Manthorpe, iPolitics, Apr. 4.

WINNER: iPolitics (4); Paul Koring (2)
RUNNER-UP: Hamilton Speculum (2)

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  1. OJM says:

    We used to call my mother’s tuna and lima bean casserole “Fear and Loathing”. (Her eggplant parmigiana – invariably burnt beyond recognition – was “The Black Death”.)

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