November 16, 2017

“Canada Salutes Nicaragua and Syria for joining on to the Paris Agreement!”

“The president can’t get involved in the Moore affair. [T]he Democrats are trying to bait him again, into the misogyny issue, another complete fabrication.”

November 15, 2017

This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

In Memoriam: Vinnie the alpaca
November 14, 2017

Jean Paul Gaultier, Enfant Terrible

November 8, 2017

The Twidiocy: Norm Sayin’?!

Great 20th Century Bores: Norman "Wall of Sound" Spector
November 7, 2017

Joe Wormington’s Secrets of Award-Winning Investigative Journalism

Lesson One: "Shallow Throat," or How to fill space when Doug Ford doesn't call
November 6, 2017

“Unforced error”

William Watson, John Ivison, Nik Nanos, Shachi Kurl
November 2, 2017

“Kennedy was shot by that most American of figures, the skinny white rat.”

“Ever since I started as a cup [sic] reporter at The Sault Star 30-years ago, I have loved that place.”

“A trinitarian deus ex machina descended.”

Warren Kinsella’s MegaDrivel

October 27, 2017

The Twidiocy

Brian Lilley, Ryan Van Horne, Glen McGargoyle, Eve Adams
October 23, 2017

“Not a good look”

David Eddie, Andray Domise, Chris Selley, Cathal Kelly
October 22, 2017


It's a flood, M'Lud! Volume 2