Premier Patronage: McWimpy to London

The Liberals have wasted little time opening up the privy purse to reward their nearest and dearest.

So when David MacNaughton, Ontario campaign svengali, former Dalton McWimpy principal secretary and career party reptile, scored the U.S. ambassadorship, all eyes turned to another prime diplomatic plum, High Commissioner in London.

The incumbent, Gordon Campbell, former BC preem, elevated by President Steve in 2011 (pay range: $185,00-$218,500) was for the high jump as soon as the polls closed in October, but who would take over his cushy and prestigious gig at Canada House?

Frank can report we have a winner! Congratulations…Dalton McWimpy!

Premier Dad, readers will recall, abruptly went out for smokes in 2013, and has since proven a premiere dud in the private sector, eking out a living lobbying his old government for educational software, occupying an office as a fun “senior advisor” at PricewaterhouseCooopers and boring the bejeezus out of students at Harvard for one semester.

Fortunately, not all of Dilbert’s former fartcatchers are in the dock on criminal charges in the gas plant fustercluck, and his faithful old Queen’s Park retainer, Gerry Butts, remembers well who brung him.

Trebles all ’round!

4 comments on “Premier Patronage: McWimpy to London
  1. Patrick60 says:

    No whore like an old whore, eh?
    Toronto’s gain is London’s loss.

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    I remember a touring performer named Gloves McGuinty, who played with white gloves on piano keys covered with black velvet, black-lit, with a mirror up above. Clearly he monopolized the McGuinty pizzazz.

  3. daveS says:

    And then we have Jeffrey (Why not Me-Me-me! for Senate/Ambassador, etc.) Simpson in today’s (January 29, 2016) Grope and Flail, “Can Taxpayers Afford Toronto-on-the Rideau: Trudeau’s staff is disportionately represented by former aides in two Ontario Liberal governments”

    For this season ending at least. Wait until “Spring Training”/Reboot/Anything-to-boost-Populaarrity season.

  4. Stbarnabas says:

    Hey, Gloves McGuinty for High Commish. He’s better qualified.

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