Whyte Man’s Burden: Lord Tubby shineboy on ethics (!)

We note with amusement that Ken Whyte has joined the herd of sanctimonious high horsemen condemning CTV News for its coverage of Patrick Brown’s sexual hijinks.

According to Whyte, the former Maclone’s/National Post editor, CTV’s failure to give Brown sufficient time to defend himself and the report that one of his accusers was in high school when she encountered Brown (she wasn’t) was a disgraceful example of journalistic malpractice, etc., etc.

Shurely this cannot be the same Ken Whyte who played such a key role in the killing of the Byron Muldoon Airbus bribery story by Post typist Phil Mathias in 1999—among the most shameful moments in the annals of Canadian journalism.

It was Mathias who got the scoop that Muldoon had trousered hundreds of thousands of dollars in schmiergeld from Karlheinz Schreiber, but Whyte spiked the story on orders from Post proprietor Tubby Black, who counted Byron among his supporters.

(“A dear and unwavering friend of 53 years,” Black said of Muldoon last month in his Post column endorsing Caroline Muldoon for leadership of the Ontario Tories.)

Byron, eternally grateful for Black’s intervention, was the only Palm Beach neighbour to visit Tubby during his undeserved detention at Coleman Correctional facility in Florida, circa 2010.

Speaking of fraud, readers may recall that it was revealed at Black’s 2008 trial that Whyte, by then editor of Maclone’s, had been paid $100,000 by Black in 2002–nearly two years after leaving Tubby’s employ.

Whyte told the Chicago court that the money was a “performance bonus,” part of a deal struck in 2001 when Black was dumping the paper on Izzy Grasper.

Several newspapers, including the New York Times, raised the issue of conflict of interest. After all, Whyte had orchestrated Maclone’s credulous coverage of Black’s legal woes, with right-wing foamer Mark Steyn as Tubby’s principal fart catcher.

An anonymous senior Maclone’s editor told Doug Bell, who covered the Black trial for Toronto Lite:

“When I heard about this stuff I thought, God that’s weird. I mean, didn’t anybody at Rogers sit down and say to Ken, ‘You’re not supposed to take six-figure payments from a guy [whose trial you’re supposed to be covering]’? I don’t understand how he—or Maclean’s, even—could have anything to do with covering Conrad Black. If the mayor of Toronto gave $50,000 to [the editor of Toronto Life], wouldn’t people say, ‘You can’t cover [him] anymore’? You can’t make money on the side in this job…that’s not the business we’re in… If you’re going to cover the circus, don’t fuck the elephants.”

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2 comments on “Whyte Man’s Burden: Lord Tubby shineboy on ethics (!)
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Two stories involving MacLeans so far – one about stupidity, the other about greed. I think Frank may have discovered how a weekly becomes a monthly for lack of revenue.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    Why is Tubby still in the country? I’d like to think that Trudeau the elder would have had him deported to whatever shithole country would accept him.

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