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When it comes to dropping steamers of politically motivated bullshit, Senator Linda Frum is on a planet of her own.

The President Steve patronage appointment was up to her old trolling tricks again this month, eagerly retweeting no less (and no more) than white nationalist Toronto mayoralty candidate Faith Goldy (Franks passim, ad naziam.)

Of course, this is standard procedure for La Linda, as readers will recall her retweets past, eg. the time ISIS ordered four million women and girls in Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation. Whoopsie…hoax…grovel.

She’s also fond of recycling whoppers from Rebel nutter Ezra Lügenpants–like the time he accused Justin Trudeau of frequenting “Montreal mosques with ties to al-Qaeda.”

By way of proof, Levant cited an ancient U. S. government mention of the Montreal mosque as one of nine institutions where “known al-Qaeda members were recruited, facilitated or trained” in the late nineties.

Alas, Lügenpants had misquoted the key verb, saying “are recruited,” rather than “were recruited,” thus twisting a stale, 15-year-old report into a threat-level-Orange call to all right-thinking Canadians to guard against the shiny pony and his Mooslim hordes.

This month, Frum was associating herself with Goldy and Rebel crackpot David Menzies, who were promoting the theory that Danforth shooter Faisal Hussain was connected with ISIS and “one of the largest chemical weapons busts in North American history.”

According to Goldy, the fact that the Danforth shooter’s older brother, Farad, lived in a Pickering home that was raided for lethal drugs was evidence they were ISIS agents plotting to destroy Canada with weapons of mass destruction.

Frum offered her two cents by citing a Guardian story about the Pickering bust and dangers of carfentanil being 100 times more toxic than fentanyl, blah de blah.

No mention by Frum or Goldy that the Guardian piece was nearly a year old, and nowhere in the report did it refer to Farad Hussain.

As for Farad’s role in Goldy’s ISIS plot, well, er, actually, when the cops seized the carfentanil in September 2017, he wasn’t there. Inconveniently, for purposes of this conspiracy theory, he was indisposed–in a coma in a Toronto hospital for the previous three months.

Note: For her indefatigable tin foil mining, Frum receives $154,600 per year from public coffers (plus $23,400 annually for living expenses.) Yours to discover until 2038.



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2 comments on “Alternative Frums
  1. rumleyfips says:

    Small brained Linda a senator until age 75… just another example of how much slithery steve hates Canada.

  2. daveS says:

    Too which we can add the former Senator Nancy Greene Raine, (retired from the Senate on May 11, 2018 when she reached the mandatory retirement age of 75) and her far-to-the-right views from her Sun Peaks (former Tod Mountain) alpine resort 56 km north of Kamloops, B.C.

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