Frank Update: Krista Erickson

What ever happened to Krista Erickson?

The pneumatic newsblonde, readers will recall, jumped ship from Sun TV (dec’d) back in 2013, after endless run-ins with obergruppenfuhrer Kory Teneycke over the usual (assigning on-air talking points to staff, stacking the newsroom with clueless Conservative hacks, incessant editorial interference, etc, etc).


Erickson v Gillis

The highlights of her tenure there, announced in 2010 with her appearance as a Sunshine Girl on the front page of the Toronto Sun, included an interview with dancer Margie Gillis, during which Krista harangued her over public funding for commie-pinko ahtists, triggering hundreds of viewer complaints to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. The CSBC star chamber found no violation of ethics.

Déjà vu all over again for Erickson. As a parliamentary reporter with CBC’s the National in 2008, she’d been accused of bias when she was covering the Byron Muldoon-K.H. Schreiber shitstorm. The Tories claimed she’d fed questions to then Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez.

Krista circa 2011

Krista circa 2011

Nothing could have been further from the truth, and she was cleared of all charges by the CBC ombudsthingy.

She later proved beyond any doubt that she was no Liberal shill by getting a leg over with Tory silver fox Tory Lee Richardson. Déjà vu there, too, as Krista’s affinity for the company of older (and married) men was by then well-established.

Back in 1999, a twentynothing Krista strolled into the CBC Winnipeg newsroom and the place went into slow motion as all eyes fixed on her generous embonpoint and her mane of soon-to-be-blonde hair. Things would never be the same.

Krista promptly found a mentor, the middle-aged and married fifth estate producer Morris Karp. Tongues wagged when he took the newbie researcher on a field trip, as producers had never taken researchers out of the office before, let alone out of town.

When she became the face of CBC News at Six in the fall of 2004, no one knew of her blossoming romance with senior crown attorney, the very married Bob Morrison.TorontoSunFrontPage04182011

By then Krista had gotten over the 1998 death of her fiancé, car dealer Gerald Rewucki, who’d spectacularly crashed his borrowed Viper and left behind a widow who was not Krista.

Bob and Krista tried to keep things under wraps, but a vacation in Mexico turned ugly when Hurricane Emily struck and Krista did an on-the-spot report for The National. The blogosphere turned up some reporting about Krista’s vacation “with her husband.”

No one was more surprised than Bob’s wife, who was also not Krista.

A month later, Jennifer Cooper, Q. C., filed for divorce from Bob, after almost 21 years of marriage. As Jennifer was a much-feared divorce lawyer, the split went uncontested.Krista1

The following year, Krista and Bob got hitched in Skibo Castle, Scotland. Alas, the marriage didn’t take. What with Krista living in Ottawa and working on testosterone-charged Parliament Hill, and Bob busy with his practice in the Athens of the prairies, the long-distance love proved unworkable and they finally called it quits.

So imagine Frank’s delight to learn at long last that Erickson, 39, has shaken her chronic gerontophilia, perhaps for good.

The cure? A hot matrimony injection. Our Krista is now happily married to a 34-year-old former Welsh international rugby player turned green-beret commando and naval officer, known to friends in Canada as ‘James Bond’.

(Frank has been advised by MI5 that James’ real name cannot be revealed as he is posted on a highly secure NATO base and of course marines and special forces must remain under the security radar.)

They met in the summer of 2011 during a girls’ trip to the island of Ibiza with Stefania Capovilla (Harper/Trudeau hairstylist) and fellow Sunshine Girl Alex Pierson.

Sources say it was love at first grind on the dance floor of the Blue Marlin Beach Club.  After a year long transatlantic relationship, they secretly eloped to Las Vegas. Shortly after, Erickson began plotting her departure from Sun News for the UK. FullSizeRender

Erickson secured a freelance gig in CBS News’ London bureau but soon tired of reporting on freak snow storms and assembling stock footage melds at the cash-strapped foreign outpost.

She bailed on the newsroom for law school, studying at the Waterloo campus of BPP Law School in Central London while doing media consulting on the side for work for the London-based de Burgh Group.

Krista finishes her LLB later this year, specialising in media and defamation law. As a frequent without-prejudice correspondent of the much-admired and famously non-litigious Ms. Erickson, my organ is of course overjoyed at the news.

Meanwhile, James and Krista made their annual pilgrimage back to Ibiza this summer, staying at the villa of Alberta real estate magnate and Conservative donor, Bob Dhillon, CEO of Mainstreet Equity Corporation. Also joining the group, former PMO little shit Neil Desai and Jason Kenney fart catcher Jamie Ellerton.

The details of the debauchery were not available at press time, but plans are underway for a vow renewal ceremony on the island, and Frank’s invite is doubtless in the mail.

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4 comments on “Frank Update: Krista Erickson
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    James Bond had better watch himself, she may well be working undercover for CSIS, with license to kill.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    Don’t hold your breath, Michael!

  3. ruffneck4u says:

    A green beret commando? What fun!

    “How was work today, sweetie?”

    “Oh, the usual. I trained and armed some moderate guerrillas to go off and fight Assad. As it turned out, they were linked to Al-Quaeda and joined ISIS during afternoon tea. Oh well. We’ll get it right next week.”

    “That’s nice dear. Don’t forget about your Paul Walker Look-Alike Club meeting tonight.”

  4. daveS says:

    And this above item in showing up at the end of December 2016 because of… what?

    I see her LinkedIn profile says she’s completed her LLM in London at BPP University.

    BPP Law School. Master of Laws (LLM). 2016 – 2017.
    BPP Law School. BPP Law School. Legal Practice Course (LPC). 2016 – 2017.
    BPP Law School. BPP Law School. Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (Hons), Upper Second Class. 2014 – 2015.
    GDL, First Class.
    GDL Conversion, Upper Second Class
    “The Graduate Diploma in Law ( GDL ) is sometimes referred to as the conversion course for non-law graduates who want to qualify as either Solicitors or Barristers. The GDL satisfies the professional body requirements of the academic stage of training for Solicitors and Barristers.”

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