Frank of Ages

Canadian politics and society has never really had anything comparable [to The Onion] – except Frank magazine, perhaps, but Frank was never very good.
–Chris Selley

“When I buy Frank magazine and pass it around, I am doing evil, for I am sharing in the sin of detraction and/or calumny,”
–Bishop Colin Campbell

Word has come that the unpopular Frank magazine is up for sale. It looks as if it’s the end of the road for the nasty and inaccurate rumour sheet that’s printed on newsprint.
–Russell Smith

Do politicians admit to reading Frank magazine? “I don’t read it, I don’t respect it. Like sewage, it’s one of the things that’s there in life, but you don’t have to do more than be aware it exists.”
–Allan Rock

Many in the audience have known for years about Frank’s spectacular record of incompetence. The editors not only can’t spell names, they also miss what they most yearn to hit, the truly scandalous.
–Robert Fulford

“Frank came out with a story saying I was in the Betty Ford Clinic, that I was on the bottle. Of course, I knew nothing about it because it’s in the garbage pail…”
–Byron Muldoon

“When a trash magazine puts on the cover an incitement to gang-rape my daughter, I wanted to take out a gun and go down there and do serious damage to these people.”
–Byron Muldoon

About the only corrective around is the “Remedial Media” column of that nasty little compendium of journalistic follies, Frank magazine.  What a dreadful statement on our times and this profession when we have to cite the hackery of Frank as the best available antidote.
–John Fraser

“A satirical publication unburdened by concerns of accuracy or fairness. ”
–Guy Giorno

“A splotch of smegma on the hide of the fourth estate…despicable, puerile and cowardly…scurrilous…inaccurate, ungrammatical and poorly written”
–Heather Bird



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