Another kick in the slats for Pam Wallin!

Pam Wallin, the beleaguered senator for Saskabush, takes great pride in her massive collection of awards and honorifics.  (Last time we counted, Pam had 14 honorary doctorates, 10 “leadership” awards, and a trunkful of miscellaneous decorations, including, the 2008 Toastmasters Golden Gavel Award and the 2011 Cambridge Food & Wine Society Lifetime Achievement Award.)

But it looks like she’s about to lose one of her most cherished gewgaws. Insiders at the Department of National Defence in Ottawa tell us that Pam will soon be busted from her “honorary colonel” rank with the 17 Wing in Winnipeg.

“Honorary” is not a word associated with Wallin these days, so the brass at DND have elected to throw her over the side. Under the circumstances–fiddling the books, RCMP investigation, pending fraud charges—she’s certainly worn out her welcome. After all, what use is a disgraced celebrity whose sole function is to show up once a year for photo ops at contrived ceremonies.

DND is unimpressed by the fact that they covered Wallin’s travel and accommodation costs when she popped into the 17 Wing base last year, then turned around and claimed the trip as part of Senate business to the tune of $3,294.08!


Hon. Col. Sass Jordan

How Pam got to be an honorary colonel is a mystery.

But no more than other Canadian celebrities with zero connection to the air force, apart from dressing up as tailor’s dummies and flitting about the country a couple of days a year.

I’m thinking of military heroes like Sass Jordan, Honorary Colonel of 417 Combat Support Squadron, Loreena McKennitt, 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron, George Canyon,  14 Wing, Greenwood, NS, and the guy from Glass Tiger, who dudes up for 8 Air Maintenance.

There’s no life like it!


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4 comments on “Another kick in the slats for Pam Wallin!
  1. matthew says:

    Welcome back Frank!

  2. essexTRUTH says:

    our double dipping colonel

  3. portabletrading says:

    Retire all these ‘honourary’ pesudo-soldiers out and give them the Russell Williams treatment. Burn their uniforms.

  4. mfisher says:

    Actually, she was honorary colonel of the air force, not 17 wing – and in this role attended events with the commander, rcaf, and other senior officers more than just a couple of times a year. And she has many air force connections, including that her father trained for the rcaf as a tailgunner in WWII, other relatives served in the air force, and that she’s a member of the Wadena branch of the royal canadian legion and has been friends with the veterans there for a long time. Plus she’s long been a big booster of the military. Just for the record.

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