Rob Ford jailhouse jam

Every time the unspeakable Rob Ford appears to have finally hit bottom, he crashes right through to a new sub-basement of bathos.

So Frank would be remiss in ignoring reports that the next flare-up for The Greatest CanadianTM will come in the form of a lawsuit from Scott MacIntyre, oft-jailed ex of Rob’s sister, Kathy.

MacIntyre, readers will recall, got arrested January 11, 2012, after showing up at the mayor’s house demanding money, making threats and otherwise disturbing the usual genteel peace and tranquility of Casa Ford.

“You and your family are going to get it, you are going to pay for it,” he said in court docs. MacIntyre’s unhinged ranting might well cause concern, as he had, on a previous occasion, inadvertently shot poor Kathy in the head. But on this evening, he eventually left the premises.Scott MacIntyre Court Sketch

He managed to shovel himself in deeper by telling the cops he intended to shoot Hizzonor and behead him with a machete. Later, when comfortably ensconced in the Metro West Detention Centre, he crayoned a love note to Kathy: “You and your family have one chance to leave me the fuck alone and stop this shit! Or I am going to start a firestorm…You and your family think I should play nice! Fuck you.”

Coincidentally, on March 22, 2012, fellow inmates laid a monster beating on MacIntyre, shattering his teeth and breaking his leg.

“I infer that the (attack) was visited upon Mr. MacIntyre because of his being a bother to Mr. Ford,” said Justice Paul French at his June 12 sentencing, though there was no evidence that Rob, who had asked the judge to go easy on Scott, knew anything about the spontaneous shit-kicking.

Or is there? Word now comes that one of Scotty’s assailants once played for the Don Bosco Eagles, the high school football team coached until this spring by one Rob Ford.

Apart from Coach Ford’s adventures in chemistry, the Toronto District Catholic School Board took exception to his characterization in one interview of Don Bosco as full of at-risk yout’ and “gang-bangers,” — although the shooting death last May of former player Kojo Mensah, 20, stands as a possible point in RoFo’s favour.

The merits of any claim against the Fords for his injuries aside, legal action could spill all manner of colourful family lore, and in the spotlight of the resulting publicity, MacIntyre might feel less liable to receive further visits from the Don Bosco outreach program.

The mayor is, however, a sick motherfucker, dude.

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2 comments on “Rob Ford jailhouse jam
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Where is the mainstream media on this? We should be told.

  2. SkyBlue says:

    The “mainstream media” has been all over Ford for months. Their ravings don’t appear to have had much impact on the citizens of Toronto though. He would be re-elected by a landslide were an election held tomorrow. Looking at his potential opposition, no surprize there.

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