Cliché-o-Matic: “Double down!”

College access advocates look at those numbers and want to double down on reform…
–Michael J. Petrilli, National Post, Mar. 24, 2014.

Now, Mr. Péladeau has given him reason to double down of federalism.
–Campbell Clark, Globe and Mail, Mar. 12.

Like the U.S. Republican Party, then, the PQ has chosen to double down a dwindling base.
–Konrad Yakabuski, Globe and Mail, Mar. 8.

But in the event it doesn’t, they’ll need to double down on lowering their costs.
–John Greenwood, Financial Post, Feb. 26, 2014.

Way to double down! Except that that had already been done, in 2012, by Swiss artist Manuel Salvisberg…
–Robert Everett-Green, Globe and Mail, Feb. 22

A man who makes a living helping the country’s largest bank avoid risks is preparing to double down on a market that many people believe is on the verge of a nasty fall.
–Tara Perkins, Globe and Mail, Feb. 15.

Now the company has decided to double down on a message of tolerance, all while promoting itself – not an easy feat for many advertisers.
–Susan Krashinsky, Globe and Mail, Jan. 31.

Janet Yellen is going to double down on quantitative easing….And on and on.
–Gary Salewicz, Globe and Mail, Jan. 31.

The monster size of the Canadian delegation to Israel suggests that Mr. Harper plans to double down on that strategy in the next election.
–John Ivison, National Post, Jan. 20.

In 2014, Songza is planning to double down on Canada…
–Matt Hartley, National Post, Jan. 9.

 Final Score: Globe and Mail–6; National Post–3.

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