Selfie Award: And the Winner is, yep, Kimothy Walker

For unremitting narcissism it’s hard to top Kimothy Walker’s latest self-indulgence on the Ottawa United Way website.

Under the headline, Community Builder Award Recipient and CTV News News Anchor, Wanker inflates herself with no less than 55 self references: (Number of “I’s”—32; “me”—12; “my”—11).

She also makes much of her volunteer efforts:

“Many of us who work at CTV volunteer in Ottawa and other communities…I have volunteered for so many amazing organizations…as someone who works and volunteers a lot of hours…my volunteer hours…I am so proud you believe in volunteerism.”

Community service is its own reward, bien sur, but prominent among Kimbo’s annual “volunteer” gigs is her participation in the annual CTV CHEO Telethon, for which she is handsomely rewarded. That’s right! Along with colleague Michael O’Byrne, Kimothy pockets a profit! The rest of the volunteers get nada.

That Kimothy United Way screed in full:

I was near the end of my newscast on live television when I heard the sound of a footstep directly behind me. At first I was startled. It was live television, after all!

I heard Michael O’Byrne’s voice and knew I was in good hands with a friend. I thought it had something to do with my upcoming wedding. I turned to see all of my closest friends filing onto our CTV set.

It was only when I saw the United Way balloons that I knew what was truly going on. I have seen many people presented with the “Community Builder Award” over the years.

I was totally overwhelmed.

As Michael O’Byrne sat beside me and started to explain why I was receiving the award, I was overcome with emotion.  For years, I have worked for our community, simply feeling fortunate to be in a position to help.

My position at CTV has been a real gift. Our CTV team shines a light on issues in our city.  We want to make it even better. Many of us who work at CTV volunteer in Ottawa and other communities in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We do it to pay back for the many things our viewing region has given to us. I am only one part of that team. We live here. We are citizens. We feel passionately about our hometown. I am incredibly proud of my colleagues.

I have volunteered for so many amazing organizations. I have been lucky enough to have meaningful conversations with the people who receive assistance from many of the United Way partners. Their lives have been changed. In the future, I believe, they will become leaders who give back and make our community better.

By giving people a hand, they will eventually be able to reach their hands out to others. I have seen this pattern many times.

As someone who works and volunteers a lot of hours, I can say that it is not possible without a close circle of loved ones. For almost 13 years, I was a single parent in this city, and my friends provided me the support that allowed me to do what I do. Thank you to Sue Wilson, Chris Day, Heather Gilmour, Eric Collard, Jodie Bierko and Jeff Baker for being there for me, and my daughter Kyra, when I needed some time to be there for others.

To my parents, you taught me to embrace your work ethic, patriotism and integrity. For that, I am so grateful.

To my new husband, and daughter, thank you for your support of my volunteer hours. I know it takes me away from home sometimes, but the welcome— when I return— fills me up again.

To Kyra, who travelled this road with me for almost 17 years, I am so proud you believe in volunteerism and that you are paving your own way. You are providing help to those in need. I watched you in Africa holding the orphans in January and I was so proud that you get it, and that I am your Mom.

To Max Keeping, I was 21 when you hired me 25 years ago, and you taught me everything about community service. Now, you are teaching me about living every moment of your life to the max.

Motherhood is my most important job. Demonstrating compassion for others is what we should all be teaching our children.




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7 comments on “Selfie Award: And the Winner is, yep, Kimothy Walker
  1. SkyBlue says:

    Pass the barf bucket – quickly, please!!

  2. Lakeman says:

    One of the life lessons that I learned is to graciously say thank you and then shut up…nothing more nothing less!

  3. rumleyfips says:

    Sorry SkyBlue. Rob Ford has dibs on the barf bucket.

  4. turkish says:

    Is “Kimothy” a real name? Speaks of mobile homes and methcookers. Real Carcosa shit.

  5. Snake says:

    Kimothy will always be known as “Sphincter Mouth” in our household..

  6. ruffneck4u says:

    To the max

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