The Supreme Court’s Gotten Too Big for Its Santa Suits!

I don’t get what crawled up the robes of those stuck-up Supreme Court Jesters. It’s like they never heard the expression “Judge not, lest ye be so on and so forth.”

The Prime Minister gave them a perfectly suitable playmate, albeit a Frenchman, but they wouldn’t even invite him around for drinks to see if they had anything in common. The fellow’s a bit of a law buff, I hear. Surely they could have broken the ice with “So what’s your favourite law?”

Now the Conservatives will have to write up a “Fair Judging Act” to undo all this legal rigmarole. How much will that cost the taxpayer? At least I trust this PM will draw just a single salary as our judge, jury and executioner.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I checked, Mr. Harper stole the election fair and square so what he says goes. Everybody just needs to shut up and let him get on with the business of making Canada safe for white English-speaking gentlemen of a certain retirement age. Even Jim Flaherty eventually got the picture. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work in a democracy.

And speaking of English, it looks like Lady Marois’s gone and stuffed our best chance in 20 years to be rid of Quebec. Knowing the PM as well as I imagine I do, no doubt he’s just as upset as me.

Lord knows he’s done everything he can to tell the stupid province it needs to take a long walk off a short Malaysian jetliner, but no. They’re content to give us a fat French finger while spending our money on “culture.” You know, like “Just For Laughs.” Well how’s this for a laugh, Quebec: Here’s your hat; I’m in a hurry for you to eff off.

I mean, criminy, what’s it going to take? Russia? Maybe if we get enough Russians to move to Montreal then Putin will feel obliged to take it off our hands. It’s already got a thriving Mafia, so I could see the appeal.

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