Eve Expectant?

Frank was positively giddy to hear news that there’s still spark in Dimitri Soudas’ plugs!

If reports were to be believed, rubber soulmate Eve Adams, who this summer bailed on the grimy nomination battle in Oakville-North Burlington, citing her health rather than an edict from Conservative HQ, was with Tiny Tory!

Amid the distribution of congratulatory cigars, we pretended not to hear uncharitable suggestions that the ultrasound clearly showed a 666 on the wee sprog’s forehead, which have no place in a family magazine.

It might seem an inopportune time for the Adams-Soudas household to find itself with another mouth to feed, as Eve counts down her last year of gainful employment before the election and Dimitri remains her dependent.

Bad enough they’re already carrying two mortgages, one their $750K pile in Oakville as well as their Ottawa digs, which Eve and ex-hubby Peter Adams picked up their 387 Huron Avenue home for $815,000 in August 2011, with a zero down payment, borrowing the whole shot on a punishing prime +10% mortgage with TD.

Still, what’s a little fiscal overreach compared with the miracle of birth?

Alas, it was not to be.

“No. Absolutely not true,” Eve tweeted Frank. (Laureen Harper has been duly struck from the Frank informant list in disgrace.)

Turns out we got our signals crossed, and it’s Dimitri who’s got a new baby — a Beemer Z4, vanity plates VIDIVICI.

How does the underemployed Soudas finance this ongoing midlife crisis?

Word is he’s leaning heavily on his inheritance from his late mother, Georgia, until that next pay cheque comes along.


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2 comments on “Eve Expectant?
  1. portabletrading says:

    The Indiana chapter of Planned Parenthood seems to offer abortion gift certificates. What about the Morgentaler chain?

  2. anothermug says:

    According to his license plate, he saw and he conquered, but he apparently never came.

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