Cliché-o-Matic: “Boots on the ground”

If the Islamic State menace is to be contained, the deserts of Syria and Iraq will require boots on the ground.
–Matthew Fisher, Postmedia, Sept. 24, 2014.

On Tuesday, he said the $500 million (U.S.) approved last week by the U.S. Congress to fund training of moderate Sunni rebels was intended not only to provide the boots on the ground to complement U.S. air power against the Islamic State but also to supplant the Assad regime.
–Paul Koring, Globe and Mail, Sept. 24.

Environmentalists are undeniably putting boots on the ground in the battle against climate change. Ultimately, boots on the ground and marches in the streets mean far less than votes in the ballot box.
–Stephen Ewart, Calgary Herald, Sept. 23.

Frankly, if he’s “establishment” enough to get some well connected boots on the ground in Washington and China, I’m not going to quibble with the wherefores and hows of the “who gets the job.”
–Karin Klassen, Calgary Herald, Sept. 22.

If Ms. Polak waits for her report on Mount Polley, due in January, before making the case for more boots on the ground, it may be too late.
–Justine Hunter, Globe and Mail, Sept. 22.

The board, which has admitted in the past it does not often put boots on the ground in Victoria when it does surveys, has been taken to task in past years for not understanding the region.
–Andrew Duffy, Postmedia, Sept. 20.

The photo is part of an exhibit in the Inspiring Change Gallery at the museum that looks at the growing “boots on the ground” campaign of African grandmothers who are fighting against domestic violence and elder abuse, lobbying for pensions and social security and pushing for laws that will guarantee the safety and rights of grandmothers and their grandchildren.
The demonstration in Manzini was the beginning of the boots on the ground campaign part of a boots on the ground movement to make things better.
–Debra Black, Toronto Star, Sept. 20.

She hopes the latest U.S. announcements will have a “domino effect” and motivate other countries to put boots on the ground.
–Jennifer Yang, Toronto Star, Sept. 16.

If they can come up with a coalition cobbled together from sturdy warriors of ” pacific” Islam with a sense of self-preservation acute enough to provide boots on the ground while liberal America hands out cards that read “Have drone, will travel,” Obama-strategists may be onto something.
George Jonas, Postmedia, Sept. 16.

Willing to lend their airpower against the terror group, willing even if the US isn’t, to put boots on the ground.
It’s going to take an army to beat an army, and this idea we’ll never have any boots on the ground to defeat them in Syria is fantasy.
–Joy Malbon, CTV National News, Sept. 14.

Winner: Debra Black, Toronto Star, 3 (in one story).

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  1. TonyH says:

    Shouldn’t Jennifer Yang get bonus points for getting “domino effect” into the same sentence?

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