At The Bar: Monahan & Monahan

To the Hazelton Hotel for drinks with legalist friends, who are soon complaining loudly about the recent ascension of Paul Monahan to the Ontario Court of Justice.



Who dat, you ask? Well, Paul is a proven lawyer from the blue chip firm Fasken Martineau Etc., where he performed brilliantly for nigh on 20 years.

So brilliantly, in fact that he was tipped for the bench—and the announcement came last month from Ontario’s Deputy Attorney General, Patrick Monahan.

By remarkable coincidence, Paul and Patrick are brothers, a filial connection that has raised the ire of my lawyerly drinking buddies.

“He’s got no court experience,” says one. “On his first day on the job, he’ll look around and ask, ‘So where do I sit?’”

Paul Monahan


Another noted that the appointment is connected to Faskens’ eagerness to “have judges to go with their collection of Eskimo carvings.”

I remind them that the province takes great pains to select judges through a broad-based committee that vets all applicants, thoroughly interviews them and then puts forward a short list of three or four names.

Unquestionably, Paul M. made the grade strictly on merit.

Roy McMurtry is 103.

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One comment on “At The Bar: Monahan & Monahan
  1. Stbarnabas says:

    Yep, just like old times when Roy was A.G. There was no committee then just grease.

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