Cliché-o-Matic: ‘Harper Derangement Syndrome’ (and related afflictions)

Something alarming happened over the summer – several of my friends came down with Harper Derangement Syndrome.
–Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail, September 18.

People have angrily honked at me from their cars four times already this week.  Each time the reason was the same: I changed lanes…I’m pretty sure it’s part of a new commuter condition: lane ownership derangement syndrome.
–Kelly McParland, National Post, July 17.

In parallel world of Harper Derangement Syndrome, the most pro-immigration [government] in modern CDN history has ‘anti-immigration bias
–Jason Kenney, Twitter, April 30.

[Sheila] Fraser, who has been paid $2,450 for her work so far, is getting a healthy paycheque from an election boss who is trying to stop his partisan wings from being clipped. That’s a better excuse than the Media Party has. For them, it’s just another case of Harper Derangement Syndrome.
–Ezra Levant, Toronto Sun, April 17.

Harper’s Trudeau Derangement Syndrome
–Ottawa Petfinder, March 22.

Another product of Harper Derangement Syndrome and journalists who know painfully little about the Middle East, religion and freedom of thought and expression.
–Michael Coren, Toronto Sun, January 24.

When the Toronto Star demanded 70 “moral leaders” it selected such as –er, Dalton McGuinty–tell them how bad Mayor Rob Ford is for Toronto, it was exhibiting what I’d call the final stages of “Rob Ford Derangement Syndrome” (RFDS).
–Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun, January 19.

Trudeau’s China derangement syndrome
–National Post, November 15.

Winner: Toronto Sun (3)

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