Frank exclusive! Duffy email reveals trial strategy: “Will be a ton of people called…Canadians won’t like what they see.”

Email circulated by Mike Duffy last week to select press gallery journos who still take his calls.


Sept. 16, 2014
From: Mike Duffy
Subject: Aide memoire – on background – not for attribution to me
This is background, for your understanding.

I think the media (CP)  misses the point with references like  below:

“Duffy has made it abundantly clear that he has no qualms whatsoever about dragging his former party through the mud.”

I am a “conservative” I am not throwing mud as CP suggests, or seeking revenge. I am seeking to restore my reputation by telling the truth. 

The danger for the PM doesn’t come from me. 

It is more generic than that. There will be a ton of people called. When Canadians see how politics works from the “inside” they won’t like what they see, esp the threats that were made to force a sitting Senator  to follow the PM’s plan.

So I am not out to settle scores, or to launch a vendetta. I am simply trying to clear my name,  It is a subtle but important distinction.  

“Ineligible expenses” — Deloitte found I didn’t break the rules re expenses. And that was confirmed by KPMG. 

When he addressed the issue at the CPC convention in Calgary, Irving Gerstein used the phrase “disputed expenses.” I believe that is more accurate. You know all this, but given the media’s love of drama, I just wanted to underscore it for you.

This is for your background, and not for direct attribution to me.


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5 comments on “Frank exclusive! Duffy email reveals trial strategy: “Will be a ton of people called…Canadians won’t like what they see.”
  1. portabletrading says:

    And watch him try to claim an educational tax credit come tax time. (Like his ‘costume” claim that he lost in tax court.)

    The ol’ Duff never disappoints!

  2. orphancarguy says:

    Actually, Mike Puffy has disappointed often. But, that said, I think I’ll be stocking up on popcorn for this 3D train-wreck a comin’ down the track. Good times!!

  3. burp says:

    Canadians will not be shocked by anything Duffy has to say, and they won’t care how many people his defence calls to the witness stand… the shocking things are that the Tories appointed this goofball to the Senate from the press gallery in the first place. That damage is done. All the rest is wishful thinking on behalf of the puffster…. Oh, and what about those contracts?

  4. Steve-O says:

    This is probably what Robert Fife was referring to on CTV’s “Question Period” on Sunday morning when he said that Duffy was in contact last week with certain journalists (but not him) to give them some indication of how he (Duffy) plans to proceed with his defence at trial. As suggested in the discussion on “Question Period”, this could harm Duffy greatly, because now he has tipped his hand to the prosecution. Also, the judge at trial will almost certainly stop Duffy from turning this trial into the three-ring circus that his own lawyer said he would not try to do.

    Still, if Harper is called to testify at Duffy’s trial and refuses to do so for whatever reason, that would do the PM a lot of harm, because then it would be obvious that he has something to hide. I relish the thought of this trial taking place in the middle of the election campaign next year, but if Harper finds some excuse to shift the election to the spring of 2015 in an attempt to stop that from happening, he would certainly be acting as though he has something to hide.

  5. Patrick60 says:

    As long as he drags down a lot of Reformers, I’m in favour of his strategy!

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