Franklin by name, Franklin by nature!

We live in a funny time.

Especially now that we can all put Joan Rivers behind us.

Just last week we saw science find both an old wreck in the arctic and something or other in Rob Ford.

It’s amazing, the stuff you find in mayors these days.

I’m happy for the Prime Minister that he found Ben Franklin’s ship before Trudeau did, but I do wish the cost was coming out of his own pocket rather than Joe Taxpayer’s.

Unless they recommission it for the navy I don’t think we’re going to see our money’s worth, and they’d have to spend a small fortune just to float Harper’s boat.

Maybe he should take up another hobby, one that doesn’t cost us anything. Model railroading, maybe. He’d do a lot less harm with it than if Canada had a real railroad to speak of.

Still, it sends a strong message to Putin that he shouldn’t trifle with us, because if we just keep at it long enough we can probably find a thing or two. And it’s a nice feather in our cap now we got an Iraq war to call our own. Those ISIS buggers’ll think twice about mixing it up with us if they know we stand a 50/50 chance of finding their boats.

And I’m as shocked as you are to learn that Rob Ford is not a well man.

I thought since he hadn’t died already then he was probably going to bury us all. Maybe even in a mass grave. I wouldn’t put anything past him once he puts his mind to something. But now he’s laid up in hospital, and we’re left staring down the barrel of John Tory.

I don’t know about you but I’m not ready for this. I think I got to get a second opinion, even if it’s Joe Warmington’s.

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