Remedial Media: This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Chicks starving in Newfoundland due to warmer ocean
–Sept. 17.

Doggone Good Excursions; From a canine café to water wellness pool to a selection of dog parks, here are five places worth a visit where you can play with and pamper your pooch, writes Kristin Goff
–Sept. 13.

Loon’s future is precarious; Climate change is reducing the habitat of a number of species
–Sept. 10.

Wet paws or a good cause
Quinn cools off walking through a puddle during the Wiggle Waggle Walkathon and Run for Animals to raise money for the Humane Society in Ottawa on Sunday.
–Sept. 8.

Rare White Ibis seen in Napanee
–Sept. 6.

Dogs of war on duty; Cameras on their backs
–Sept. 2.

Sheep shorn of 23.5 kg of wool
Shaun the shaggy Australian sheep has at last been shorn smooth. But the woolly wanderer wasn’t the woolliest of them all.
–August 29.

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