I Shudder to Think–Is That a Sign of Ebola?

It’s just like a Dipper to think the state can do things better than the family, like pave roads and collect garbage, so of course they got a “plan” to enlist Canadian toddlers in their kooky “daycare.”

Reminds me of what Lenin and Stalin and Hitler said: “Gimme your kids for four or five years or whatever, and Bob’s your uncle.”

Any fool can see it’s straight out of your basic Marxist playbook.

It’s not like when I was a kid. I was raised by my own folks, ya see, not by bureaucrats who answered only to Robert Borden, and the only help they had was liquor and a hickory switch.

“Ol’ Childcare” my dad called it. I don’t think he got so much as a tax credit for beating me, that’s how different the times were.

If he was alive today to see what’s become of the world, he’d be old, that’s for damn sure.

It’s terrifyin’ to ponder that all what stands between liberty and a NDP minority government is Chatelaine readers, but it seems they think the Trudeau boy is the cat’s pajamas and Tommy Mulcair the hairball.

Of course, that could mean the Liberals win, but as bad as that would be things have been that bad before.

If Libby Davies were to get her finger on the button there’s no precedent.

But don’t count Steve Harper out just yet.

God willing, the country could still come to its senses and not bother voting.

He may not be perfect (or he may be – it’s not for me to judge), but I think we all sleep better at night knowing he’s stayin’ up nursin’ an extra-large double-double, keepin’ us strong and free from all them Ebolas and crazy Mussulmen.


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One comment on “I Shudder to Think–Is That a Sign of Ebola?
  1. OJM says:

    Exactly…spare the rod and spoil the child. Old Dick turned out alright, didn’t he. Except for the nighttime sweats, I mean. And the twitchy eye.

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