Municipal Waste: Blowing ‘em up real good in Rockland

Frank felicitations to Ottawa Police Const. Carl Grimard, newly elected to Clarence-Rockland’s weeping sore of a city council Oct. 27.

It was here’s-your-ass-what’s-your-hurry to Mayor Marcel Guibord, who so endeared himself to electors by sticking them with a $372,000 bill to dubiously shitcan the city manager, mused aloud about having council meeting hecklers arrested, and still awaits trial on his breach of trust rap. All but one sitting councillor followed Marcel to the curb.

Well might the good people of Clarence Rockland call in the cops, and Const. Grimard simply owned incumbent Ward 3 councillor Bernard Payer, 935 votes to 262. As Carl’s campaign slogan so stirringly declared, “In order to change things, change is essential.”

Er, yes, quite.

After so much sleaze at city hall, Grimard’s just the antidote, a straight shooter with the OPS Tactical Unit, military veteran (Persian Gulf, Bosnia), ex-RCMP, whaddaguy!

Understandably given less emphasis on Carl’s resumé was June’s disastrous Ottawa police joint training exercise with paramedics and the RCMP out on March Road. The event was rudely interrupted when an explosion sent two cops and three paramedics (two of them cooked medium-well), to hospital.

The boys were practicing blowing their way into a boarded up-house with explosives. But something fucked up.

The Ministry of Labour and SIU are investigating, and Frank would not think of prejudging their conclusions, but some theorize an excess of antifreeze packed with the charge ignited into a fireball and caused the injuries.

The crack OPS bomb tech onsite that day, handling the explosives with an RCMP counterpart?

Step forward, Carl Grimard!

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2 comments on “Municipal Waste: Blowing ‘em up real good in Rockland
  1. orphancarguy says:

    Ah…Rockland. There to make Summerside city council look sane (enough, in the medical and legal definition) and responsible.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    What a blast!

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