Charles Jaffe latest!


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2 comments on “Charles Jaffe latest!
  1. drdjet says:

    This one’s quite funny too.
    Actually it’s hilarious, as always for Jaffe in Frank.
    But why did Frank join the clamor and republish CH material yesterday? Doesn’t this just use terrorist acts to justify insulting Muslims, and thereby help create more terrorists? CH is a Reichstag fire for another round of beating on Muslim Arabs, whose world is already well crushed by oppressive regimes, poverty amid oil wealth, invasions from the west, and Israel as an expanding military powerhouse. It’s surprising there aren’t more terrorists. Maybe so few because of the religion?
    Anyway, Frank should ask, in a satirical way, who is benefiting from all this?

  2. albertosalazar80 says:

    Drdjet :

    Why don’t we just ask every lunatic around the world what we are permitted to say, draw or think? Let them set the rules. After all, we wouldn’t want to offend even one delicate flower. Particularly one with a Kalashnikov.


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