A Very Jaffé World Press Freedom Day!



  1. This one’s quite funny too.
    Actually it’s hilarious, as always for Jaffe in Frank.
    But why did Frank join the clamor and republish CH material yesterday? Doesn’t this just use terrorist acts to justify insulting Muslims, and thereby help create more terrorists? CH is a Reichstag fire for another round of beating on Muslim Arabs, whose world is already well crushed by oppressive regimes, poverty amid oil wealth, invasions from the west, and Israel as an expanding military powerhouse. It’s surprising there aren’t more terrorists. Maybe so few because of the religion?
    Anyway, Frank should ask, in a satirical way, who is benefiting from all this?

    • “Within hours of the killings I was contacted by an international media outfit that was putting together a gallery of responses from “the world’s leading satirists”. Any pride I might have felt at being included in this – potentially – august company was cancelled out by my not, in fact, feeling any pride at all. Why should this be? After all, in a working life that’s consisted, in large part, of tossing lexical firecrackers in the bemused faces of more placid verbarians, I’ve ended up with some of my best friends being satirists. If I wished to dodge the bullet myself, surely it could only be because of some midlife crisis of faith in life’s great and compelling absurdity – and so I taxed myself: Could it be that I was falling victim to the usual delusion of the ageing joker, a pathological desire to be taken seriously? Or was I coming to doubt the value of satire itself?

      “We may like to think of our satirists as still speaking truth fearlessly unto power within a social realm bounded by commonly understood norms that allow us to make effective distinctions between speech acts and physical ones, but I venture to suggest that such a view is largely delusory. In fact, it’s the managed anomie of our society today, in which competing ethical codes are viewed as alternate lifestyle choices rather than stairways to heaven and hell that allows for a satire at once savage and toothless.” — Will Self


  2. Drdjet :

    Why don’t we just ask every lunatic around the world what we are permitted to say, draw or think? Let them set the rules. After all, we wouldn’t want to offend even one delicate flower. Particularly one with a Kalashnikov.


  3. “Twelve dead cannot go unremarked. Those journalists who confront violent intolerance, even in the supposed security of a city office, need every support. When, very rarely, they die in that cause, they must be lauded and mourned.

    “Those who comment through satire are peculiarly bold, more so than those who deploy argument. Ridicule is the most devastating and wounding of weapons. It reaches parts of the political and personal psyche that reason cannot touch. It is one of democracy’s most effective weapons, and the price those who wield it have to pay is sometimes as high as any other.” — Simon Jenkins


    • The god who made puritan pratts must have a sense of humour. Only possible explanation.

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