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Lindsay’s super jail has been on lock down for five days after an alleged murderer’s escape attempt was thwarted by alert correctional officers, the Toronto Sun has learned. [Translation: One of the alert, guy with a workplace staffing beef, phoned me up and dumped a story in my lap.]

Sources [er, same guy using two slightly different voices] say it was a close call and involved an inmate currently before the courts on murder…. That somebody, according to correctional sources [dude with the two voices], was none other than alleged wife killer David Knight.

Sources [him again] say officers discovered a breach in his cell…. Sources [ditto] say Knight has been put in isolation and there were discussions [idle speculation, really] Monday about moving him to another facility.

The province has not yet commented [actually, it was late, and the province had gone home for the day] on the incident or lockdown …. But correctional sources [same old] say it was Knight’s cell and that he is the inmate who this weekend was in “segregation….”

Sources [ho-hum] tell me had Knight escaped from his cell, he would have only had a razor fence between him and freedom. “If he had someone outside [El Chapo, perhaps?] who could cut the fence…,” said an insider [same guy, really], “there would have been no stopping him.”
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, 6:09 a.m., Sept. 8, 2015

There was never any danger of an accused murderer busting through his cell wall at Lindsay’s super jail last week, the province insisted Tuesday…. One of the jail’s correctional officers told Warmington the inmate “would have been able to get out, no question, had he had more time,” and an insider said a razor fence is all that would have stood between the inmate and freedom….

Not so, says Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services spokesman Brent Ross. “That’s completely incorrect…. Let’s just say he wasn’t even close to getting through that wall … The wall was not breached.”
—Terry Davidson, Toronto Sun, 9:18 p.m., Sept. 8, 2015.

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