President Steve’s Extra-Large Dark Roast of the Soul


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5 comments on “President Steve’s Extra-Large Dark Roast of the Soul
  1. daveS says:

    Ah, yes. Justin’s many drug run-ins.
    Of course, he is clean now, just like stay-at-home spouse Sophie Gregoire(just-in-case)-Trudeau.

  2. orphancarguy says:

    Pish-tosh! There is a world of difference between marijuana and crack cocaine. As a senior who has NEVER had weed on MY drug plan, I’m still much more okay with it than crack, extending to the *people* who have used either. MJ is much more likely to involve failed plans to order a pizza, too many cookies, and an inability to get out of a beanbag chair, while CC seems to tend towards the guns and knives and 911 end of the spectrum. Just from, oh, a lifetime of observation in the jazzy parts of town. Many towns. A reasonably long life.

    As far as J.T. goes, I don’t think ‘Reefer Madness’ results in the sort of shape he is in. I think you have him confused with the Big Lebowski. THAT is Reefer Madness, Daddy-o.

  3. Patrick60 says:

    Even hyenas need to slink off and lick their wounds.

  4. Auldhame Farm says:

    orphancarguy makes sense to me! Great comment! The just-out “tell all” book about Rob Ford’s repeated drunk driving should put that comment about Trudeau’s supposed drug habit to shame. That’s bullshit, buddy. Did you run Harper’s campaign? As an old, and former Red-Tory, this whole thing has made me happy that the Libs get a chance to show they have reformed, or are still scandal-prone too. I think a majority 4 year term is bad news. Let’s see if the switch to PR is done, eh? 🙂 Won’t happen.

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