Rebel TV Election wreckage

Ezra Levant’s RebelTV launched its new crowd-funded, “state-of-the-art” virtual studio on election eve, but things went almost as badly for Ezra as for his hero, President Steve.

It all started with…

Join The Rebel for election coverage at 8:30 p.m. ET, 6:30 p.m. MT livestreaming from our new studio! Click ‪

But soon…

Ironing out the wrinkles!

The patrons grow restless…

Jeff Burrow:‪ Can anyone see/hear anything?
‪Only through the cross:  Livestream not working for me can everyone else see & hear?????
‪John Skinner:‪ I see nothing
Martin Rayner‪: Maybe they should have crowd funded a clock.
‪Only through the cross:  John Skinner can you see or hear the live streaming???

‪John Skinner:‪ Nope nothing.
‪Only through the cross: wth?
‪Gillian Murray:‪ For anyone not seeing the stream, open an new window, go to, search youtube for Rebel Media, and you will see the Live Feed tag on their channel.  Go in and select the live feed.
‪Only through the cross:‪ Gillian – I have done that am on it still don’t get anything!

‪Freemind:‪ What the hell is going on? Why’s there nothing?

‪Wizard Brackenbury‪: click on the thing in the video box that has the parliament buildings. If the parliament buildings are not there reload the page

‪Ofay Cat‪: It is 5:30 west coast time where the fuck is the coverage?
‪J Wayne Woodard‪: It’s on TV already.
‪Michael Borody‪: I live stream my games!!!

‪Tony Silveira:‪ very disappointing guys…no streaming showing up can you change service? uStream or something else?
‪Arlo Haire‪: No video or sound.

‪Ray2Jerry:‪ there is no good spin to thisit’s over Ezra… face it… give all those old people their money back for the TV equipment you’re obviously not using on the most important night of the year.


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One comment on “Rebel TV Election wreckage
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Streaming? Urine for it now Ezra!

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