Cliche-o-matic: “Tasked with!”

Ontario’s top court has been tasked with deciding whether evidence given by thousands of Indian residential school survivors…
–Jacques Gallant, Toronto Star, Oct. 28, 2015.

Jean-Louis LaLonde, a partner of the design firm tasked with renovating the kitchen, told the Citizen, “The situation was so bad that the Trudeaus had trouble keeping kitchen help.”
–Monika Warzecha, National Post, Oct. 28.

The National Capital Commission, a federal agency tasked with keeping up Ottawa’s historic monuments and buildings, estimated the building needs approximately $10 million and a full year to repair.
–Alex Boutillier, Canadian Press, Oct. 26, 2015.

Cousin Skip (born Harold) was tasked with sales and had a hand in designing JanSport’s innovative panel-load packs and waist suspension flexible frame.
–Ron Csillag, Toronto Star, Oct. 24.

Justin Trudeau’s new minister of employment and social development will be tasked with bringing together the provinces and figuring out what to do with our pensions.
–Tammy Schirle, Globe and Mail, Oct. 24. 

The twin-turbo V-6 produces good power (362 hp) and torque (384 lb-ft) for an SUV, but it’s tasked with moving a mountain of weight.
–Mark Hacking, Globe and Mail, Oct. 22. 

These will be formulated by a group of government and union representatives tasked with creating a new “policy program memorandum.”
–Adrian Morrow, Globe and Mail, Oct. 21.

A conference call of the party’s governing body will take place Tuesday night to appoint a committee tasked with organizing the leadership contest.
–Jennifer Ditchburn, Canadian Press, Oct. 21.

Stroman heads Jays’ rescue mission; Cocky starter tasked with getting team back in ALCS vs. Royals
–Star headline, Oct. 19.

In a challenge worthy of any fashion Jedi, the competition’s six semi-finalists have been tasked with designing pieces inspired by George Lucas’s iconic sci-fi saga.
–Caitlin Agnew, Globe and Mail, Oct.17.

Winner: Globe and Minion–4.

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