Cliché-o-Matic: “Trotted out”

Now, just two weeks from election day, Conservatives have trotted out a special RCMP tip line exclusively for Canadians to report on other Canadians.
– Madeline Ashby, Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 8

On Saturday, the hopeful hordes were trotted out six at a time before formidable casting director Robyn Kass, who has chosen house guests for the first three seasons of Big Brother Canada.
– Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald, Sept. 28.

Gloomy stats were trotted out: 47 per cent of families were headed by women and most women over 65 lived in poverty. Ten per cent of women who worked benefit from child care.
– Anne Kingston, Maclean’s, Sept. 28.

But when comparisons with other provinces are trotted out, we need to remember more is going on than the pundits acknowledge when you cross the border and buy insurance.
– Monique Kierans, Victoria Times Colonist, Sept. 27.

[Joel] Quenneville trotted out the pre-season maxim that’s on every coach’s top-three list.
– Dave Stubbs, Montreal Gazette, Sept. 26.

Mr. Mulcair’s past odes to Margaret Thatcher, and prickly relations with his former provincial Liberal colleagues have been trotted out to discredit his social democratic bona fides and painted-on smile, so far to no end.
– Konrad Yakabuski, Globe and Mail, Sept. 24.

This mundane bit of paperwork is always trotted out by the parties, adorably, as if it were some sort of extraordinary exercise in transparency.
– Andrew Coyne, National Post, Sept. 24.

Already, we have witnessed the usual parade of candidates and senior campaign staffers trotted out before the media, for things they perhaps not have said on social media.
– Glen Hallick, Selkirk Journal, Sept. 17.

It’s been trotted out by Conservatives so many times that, it seems, CBC has absorbed it and the intuitive, unconscious reaction is to cleave to a Conservative perspective.
– John Doyle, Globe and Mail, Sept. 17.

For her encore, [Janet] Jackson trotted out another new song, the sociopolitical Shoulda Known Better with a black and white photo display of those in need.
– Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun, Sept. 17.

This happens a lot in election campaigns where former leaders are trotted out because somebody in the party says, oh, that part of the party.
– Greg Weston, Power Play With Don Martin, Sept. 14.

Canada Post’s offhand conduct in the way it has trotted out its new delivery solutions and its plan for ending door-to-door service is a telltale sign of how out of touch it has become with its customer base.
– Larry Cornies, London Free Press, Sept. 12.

Winner: Globe and Mail, 2.

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