Latest Drivel, Oct. 23, 2015

Hang on to your pith helmets
And yet the warming trend stopped 16 years ago with no explanation from the believers (which is why “global warming,” once a dogma carved in stone, morphed into “climate change”). The polar ice caps are not melting on the whole (though some parts soften while other parts thicken), extreme weather is no novelty, sea levels have been rising steadily for 700 years, and the rate has not increased in recent years. We have not run out of fresh water, as was predicted, nor has the Great Barrier Reef died, nor have we seen increasing drought, nor have hurricanes increased.
Give me a good reason to believe in the believers, and I will consider it.
—Barbara Kay, National Post, Sept. 28, 2015.

The summer of 2015 was Earth’s hottest on record, multiple datasets show
—Washington Post, Sept. 17, 2015.

Polar ice sheets melting faster than ever
—Deutsche Welle, Feb. 4, 2013.

Extreme weather already on increase due to climate change, study finds
— The Guardian, Apr. 27, 2015.

[T]the annual rate of [sea level] rise over the past 20 years has been…roughly twice the average speed of the preceding 80 years.

Great Barrier Reef loses more than half its coral cover
—The Guardian, Oct. 1, 2012.

Global warming will intensify drought, says new study
—The Guardian, Dec. 23, 2013.

Water Supplies Shrink Around the World
—, Mar. 21, 2013.

Nice backhand
San Jose Sharks forward Raffi Torres says that “I am disappointed I have put myself in a position to be suspended again.”
—“Sharks’ Torres apologizes for hit,” Ottawa Sun, Oct. 9, 2015.


Er, aren’t you forgetting the happy part?
Happy (gluten-free, paleo, nut-free, kosher) Thanksgiving!
—Globe and Mail, Oct. 7, 2015.

Or, you could just dunk him in the pond and see if he floats
Here’s an easy way to spot a pro-niqab hypocrite: Mention the Hutterites
—Brian Lilley, The Rebel, Sept. 25, 2015.

Remedial reading lessons, speech therapy, prayer….
Jays cover all the bases in bid to say alive
—Globe and Mail, Oct. 12, 2015.

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