Remedial Media: The Hon. Ginger Oliver (Lib.—Bell Media)

It was a bit much hearing Craig “Ginger” Oliver on CTV election eve, getting all self-righteous about journalistic integrity.

Holding forth in the wake of the Tory annihilation, the Giant of JournalismTM burbled that it was solemn duty of all Canadian hacks to “hold Justin Trudeau to scrutiny…make sure that he lives up to the words about honesty and truthfulness and openness in politics.”

Noble sentiments, indeed, and worthy of serious consideration—were it not for the fact that only moments before, Ginger had unleashed an on-air tirade against President Steve’s woeful record of trust, truthfulness and openness that left even host Lisa Laflameout dumfounded.

“Mr. Harper promised these words himself and basically lived up to none of them,” Ginger raved. “I know that many of you feel that this is the night we should say nice things about Mr. Harper, but he was caught lying, he was caught cheating, he showed toward the end incredible intolerance toward Canadians who are Arabs and Muslims, which many will find as always unforgivable.

“The whole idea of a tip line. Listen to your parents and your neighbours and report on some kind of practices you might call the Mounties, who wanted nothing at all to do with all of this,” he fulminated.

But if Ginger and his ink-stained colleagues in the national press corps had zero impact on President Steve’s regime, what influence will they have on the Liberal bauble head’s administration?

Consider that Ginger has been up Liberal backsides for decades, going back to his canoe trekking days to the Far North, with Pierre and assorted Liberal cronies like John Godfrey and Allan Rock.

And lest we forget, there are other Liberal skeletons in CTV’s closet.

Remember the days when CTV supremo Yvonne Fecan hosted all those multi-million dollar fundraising dinners for Jean Crouton in the late nineties?

Indeed, Fecan’s communications thingy was Paul Sparkes, a VP of CTV who used to be in Crouton’s inner circle.

The in-house lobbyist for CTV was another VP, Charlie Bird, a former policy advisor to longtime Lib Ralph Goodale.

The Liberal ad campaign of 2006, which warned Canadians that the Tories would put “soldiers in the our streets,” was conceived by Jack Fleischmann (Franks passim), who took a leave of absence from CTV-owned Business News Network to work on Paul Martin’s campaign.

When Martin lost, Fleischmann got a gig running CTV News Channel.

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9 comments on “Remedial Media: The Hon. Ginger Oliver (Lib.—Bell Media)
  1. reym says:

    Look at those eyes! The man looks positively demented.

    • Steve-O says:

      In case you aren’t aware, Craig Oliver is legally blind and has very limited eyesight. Not that I’m one of his fans, because I find his pro-Liberal bias more than a little irritating. However, since the Conservatives have plenty of their sycophants at the Sun newspapers, the Globe (eg. John Ibbitson, the Conservatives’ chief stenographer there), and the Postmedia newspapers, I guess the Liberals are entitled to have some of their own sycophants in the media.

  2. orphancarguy says:

    Ah, its nice to know that Ezra isn’t alone in waiting for that one-way trip to the windswept bare rock somewhere in the North Atlantic night.

  3. reym says:

    Oh dear. Thank you Steve-O. I didn’t know that and apologize to all for the beyond cheap shot.

  4. gormab says:

    Why is the G-G shaking the hand of Junior Soprano?

  5. patrick gossage says:

    Craig was alone in a week before the election predicting a Lib ,majority – got it right for sure. I don’t think it would be easy to prove Lib bias in his reporting in the Tory years –

  6. Patrick60 says:

    Is this the “Wild Craig Oliver” whose romantic misadventures were a legend of the Recent West?

  7. Ottawa0001 says:

    Truth is a pretty good defence. I thought what Oliver said on election night was fine. It was blunt (which seems to have been a shock) but true, even if it was his personal opinion. He’s basically a commentator, not a reporter any more, and entitled to his views as much or more than so many reporters who routinely cross the line between reporting and commentary by appearing on all the panels that are a staple of the Ottawa political shows. They just pull their punches a little more for the appearance of balance, or what passes for balance these days in political reporting. Oliver was the clearest talking head through the whole election campaign and just about the only one – until the ballots were being counted – willing to go out on a limb and make a prediction. He did it weeks before election night, and he happened to be right.

  8. Kwbuggy says:

    I think the old goat has had his wings clipped. He was on Don Martin’s show late last week complaining about Justine breaking his promise of bringing in 25K Syrian refugees by December 31. He has likely been told to cool his Liberal love affair with Junior. Retirement beckons. Bob Fife has landed on his feet, Craig will be next to pull the plug.

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