Liberals in the Dock: The Miller’s Tale

The ol’ wheels of justice grind slowly for my old friend Laura Miller and her ex-boss David Livingston.

Legalists for the onetime Dalton McWimpy fartcatchers, charged with breach of trust and mischief in the gas plant fustercluck, made another tedious set-a-date-to-set-a-date court appearance Feb. 24.

Miller’s new legalist, Scott Hutchison (Henein Hutchison, AKA Guardians of the Ghomeshi), subbing in for show dog Clay Ruby (Ruby Schiller), is still getting up to speed on Crown disclosures in this email-deletion saga, so it’s another time-out until Mar. 23.

No reasons were given (nor, indeed, requested) for the abrupt change of counsel, though Liberal weasels buzz with risible speculation that Miller, who alleges blatant OPP screwjobbery and vowed in December to “vigorously defend against these charges,” may instead dive for a plea bargain.

Shurely not after all those protestations of innocence! But at Hutchison’s hourly rates one wonders how much more could be done with Miller’s crowd-funded defence war chest, currently sitting at $68,101 of a hoped for $100,000? (Minus, bien sur, Ruby’s take).

Since the begathon launched on FundRazr in December, a who’s-who of Ontario and BC political weaselry have shelled out in Miller’s hour of need.

The include Sharon White ($2,500), Ken Boessenkool ($1000), Dwight “Spanky” Duncan ($500), Warren Kinsellout ($200), Steve Mahoney ($100) and Bernie Farber (er, $36).

But Laura’s biggest benefactors, one ponying up $12,500 and two $10,000 each, have chosen to remain, for whatever perfectly legitimate reasons, anonymous.

Meanwhile, back in BC, where Miller landed post-Queen’s Park as executive director of the provincial Libs, she continues to inspire the most outlandish conspiracy theories among the province’s renowned community of tinfoil milliners.

Is it really a coincidence, they ask, that Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham dropped a scathing report in October which soundly spanked Christy Clark’s government for, er, systematic and rampant deletions of government emails?

Readers may recall that it was Laura’s legover, Peter Faist, the “IT boyfriend,” who police alleged got the magic password to enable his sanitization of all the hard drives in McWimpy’s office.

In March 2014, two days after his name started appearing in the papers in connection with the email-deletion scandale, Faist skipped out of Toronto and was joyously reunited with Laura in BC.

Ain’t love grand?

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2 comments on “Liberals in the Dock: The Miller’s Tale
  1. bubbagreat says:

    What a waste of time and money. It should be McGuinty’s head on the block! Are we Canadians ever stupid. How much farther can we all bend over?

  2. wolfkir says:

    Yeah, well, all three parties promised to can the power plant if elected. Dalton just jumped the gun.

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