Vox Crapuli: The Return of Angry Earl

He’s baaaaacckkk!

Remember Earl Cowan, the rageaholic Tory supporter whose spittle-flecked diatribe against the lyin’ piece-of-shit Liberal media so enlivened the 2015 Running of the Reptiles?

The dyspeptic booby was dubbed “Angry Tory” for his much-viewed freakout at a President Steve campaign stop in Etobicoke last year, accusing then-CTV News hack Laurie Graham of cheating on her taxes and being a “lying piece of shit,” before he was hustled out by security.

After the election, Earl joined the rest of the Tories in the choir invisible and he was last seen driving, with all due caution and courtesy sans doubt, for Uber.

But you can’t keep a good apoplectic down and Earl bobbed to the surface last week with an appearance on Cross Country Check Up with Duncan McCue.

Here’s a transcript of his performance (edited heavily for coherence)*:

Duncan McCue, host: Are we becoming less informed in the Age of Information? With the victory of Brexit and now Trump, some suggest the electorate is uninformed. Others say it’s the media and experts who are out of touch. Are we all becoming less informed in the Age of Information?

Let’s go to Earl Cowan who is calling from Newmarket, Ontario. Hi Earl, welcome to Cross Country Check Up.

Earl: Good evening, Duncan. Um, yeah, when I want to hear false news I just turn on the CBC and umm, I have a masochista, uh, a masochistic streak in me apparently and I sit and suffer and listen to the garbage. To take some of your more famous examples, you persecuted Senator Duffy for a couple of years until his trial and he was found not guilty of doing anything wrong. You persecuted Jian Ghomeshi for a couple of years, he went to a trial, he hadn’t done anything wrong. You dumped on Prime Minister Harper for every year he was in politics and now he’s been replaced by uh…

DM: Are those stories that shouldn’t have been reported on Earl, in your opinion?

EC: Yeah. One of the CBC’s and all media’s number one technique to produce false news is to take a completely irrelevant inconsequential incident and blow it up with a news story and then they repeat the news story a thousand times, over and over, year after year, Duffy is a crook, Ghomeshi is a sexual criminal, Harper is a uh …..trails off. The word around my group is that if Prime Minister Harper went into a burning building to rescue a cat, the CBC would report that the Prime Minister had stolen a cat. I mean it’s just the twist, the spin, the constant irrelevancy and, and you blow it up and make it important and you (grows increasingly agitated, speaks loudly) miss everything that is important!!!

DM: So what is, so what is–

EC: the world could come to an end tomorrow and you wouldn’t report it because it doesn’t fit your narrative!…The CBC gets 1.5 billion dollars a year of public tax payers money TO REPORT THE TRUTH!

DM: Okay, okay, Earl, Earl, bring it down a notch, Earl,


DM: …bring it down a notch. I get your point but just bring it down a notch.

EC: You, you… I’m not into Twitter and Facebook because I don’t have time to read a whole bunch of irrelevant comments, even ones that I would agree with. I do find the truth in certain places. I consult my cat. I uh, I never had any big use for Trump. I never watched The Apprentice. I thought he was just a loudmouth until one day he came down the elevator in Trump Tower to announce his Presidency and all the other mainstream media in the US, reported a couple of items that he said, and I said, hey, this guy isn’t just a loudmouth, he’s talking to me! You know what I did?

I went on the YouTube, and I looked up one of his speeches. And I said, hey, this guy is saying things that people should have been saying in the US and Canada for the last 30-40 years!
It’s about time someone said that!

Nurse! Nurse!

Earl Uncut (starts at 01:37:16)

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10 comments on “Vox Crapuli: The Return of Angry Earl
  1. OJM says:

    Honestly, I can’t get enough of this guy…I’m thinking “Senator Earl Cowan” has a nice ring to it.

  2. Steve-O says:

    He’s such a typical angry old Conservative. Does he have Alzheimer’s or something?

  3. Papadoc says:

    Actually Earl, Steve Harper was “saying these things” for the last 15 years. Guess you were knocking it off with your beloved cat.

  4. mmedesevigne says:

    Huh! I thought he was dead.

    • Rosemary444 says:

      You must have read that in one of those free, non-subscriber, Mark Zuckerberg Fakebook news feeds! You get what you pay for I say! 🙂 — I was very heartened to see the New York Times net a huge jump in paid subsciptions immediately post-election. “The newspaper announced Thursday that it added 41,000 paid print and digital subscribers in the seven-day period since Election Day, the most in a week since it started its digital pay model in 2011.” #MariaMontessoriHighFive http://www.cnbc.com/2016/11/17/new-york-times-says-subscriptions-are-booming-after-trumps-election.html

      • daveS says:

        Still, some of those subcribers might be self-appointed Post Truth watchers.
        And as Brock U’s Gordon Hodson said in “Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes: Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology and Low Intergroup Contact, they see what they want to see.

  5. Rosemary444 says:

    They could do a re-make of ’12 Angry Men’ with Earl and it could be a one-man show. That’s a great idea. Zoomer Tv should give him his own show! — Earl Harbor: Go Stuff Yourselves! Sad-sack, ex-farmer prowls Canadian political events on endless search for Argument Clinic —

    Don’t forget when Buzzfeed’s Ivor Name-Escapes put two and Olivia Chow together and figured out it was Earl simply exercising his right to free speech with some KKK-worthy commentary on Chow’s Asian heritage; his ignorance dwarfed only by the gigantic ‘FORD NATION’ button pinned to his heaving chest.

    “In September, Chow participated in a debate alongside Toronto mayoral candidates [Rob] Ford and John Tory when she was interrupted by a man yelling “Go home Olivia! Back to China!”

    “That heckler was a man named Earl Cowan, according to columnist Christie Blatchford. Speaking to Tossell, the self-described farmer mocked Chow’s “less-than-Canadian accent.”

    Crusty Blatchford tweeted, “The man with white hair and glasses just said. “Go home Olivia — back to China!” Terrible low in an evening of them.”

    “Spokesperson Kory Teneycke later apologized to reporters on the crowd and Cowan’s behalf, calling the behaviour unacceptable and not representative of the Conservative Party.” He then quietly slipped Earl a fifty.

    Mel Gibson is 104.


  6. Patrick60 says:

    Kelly Leitch probably has him on the shortlist for Minister of Foreign Affairs when she comes to Pauer(TM)

  7. daveS says:

    By the way, what’s the asterisk in
    “(edited heavily for coherence)* “

  8. Nete Peedham says:

    SHEER Coincidence that Rex Murphy’s program JUST HAPPENED to get another ols, goostepping, ignorant American-wannabe fascist like Earl Cowan. Too bad that someone couldn’t sneak in on Murphy’s phone line like this woman who owned Glenn Beck:


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